Biz chamber thanks Davao city government


The president of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. expressed his gratitude to the city government of Davao for giving assistance to the farmers, local taxpayers and unemployed individuals.

“We would like to thank the city government for the assistance to farmers, and thank it for the assistance to local taxpayers and the jobless individuals,” Davao City Chamber President John Carlo Tria said.

In a statement, Tria also said that the reopening of dine-in food establishments will help regain the economy, sustain employment and drive economic activity.

“We believe that as we make a gradual and safe return of our businesses and with the announcement of reopening of limited dine in service of restaurants and other establishments, the local economy will start slowly picking up and more jobs can be preserved,” he said.

“We wish to remind everyone to maintain healthy and safety protocols in the workplace to prevent infections,” Tria explained.

Meanwhile, Tria has once again highlighted the need to promote local products and services as a way to generate income in businesses.

In his social media page, Davao City Chamber President John Carlo Tria explained why buying local matters:

“The local product we buy or service we procure helps keep a farm producing, a factory running, a shop open, a kitchen cooking, and in turn, it helps a business survive a family fed, a child in school.”

Meanwhile, he also said that buying local is a heroic choice anyone can make every day.

Likewise, the Davao City Chamber has been meeting with different agencies to achieve its objective.

“We are also coordinating investment promotion efforts with different government agencies and would like to thank the city government for the support it is extending to our local businesses,” Tria pointed out.


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