Covid 19 and its havoc

My two-cents Rx

Benj S. Bangahan, M.D., FPCP, FPCCP

First off, perhaps more than any other issue, what merits immediate ice-breaking praises and  heartfelt congratulations here is the group’s resolved conviction to make these gathered senses of wit , propriety, necessity, and most especially, the sense of  being forthright, see print in a national circulation despite some road bumps that can translate into a stymieing factor.  

So, may Allah AWJ shower us with some of His wisdom, more than enough to defy what may be posturing to block us ahead; there is no way to reach the end if our senses are not so firm as the ground that strengthens them.  It is time that we all felt good about this, and may we be able to make a difference.

Settling on the mundane reality now, and training the focus on an immediate ambiance engendered by a disease that has silently stalked the country, and practically the whole world, we have to talk  a bit about the nastiness of the etiologic viral organism, the Covid 19,  whose silence and ability to infect has  resulted in a hard-to-count number of  morbidity and a confusing number of sufferers confined to wards and ICUs, but nonetheless now pegged at hundreds of thousands, and will perhaps run to millions, God forbids.  

Ironically, the obscurity of Covid 19 has spawned a deafening noise around the globe, brought about by the fact that  no-one really knows, as yet, how to punctuate its ferocity, which can mean that human life may be put in limbo.

But, I suppose the most sensible thing to do is rely on the more technically adept among the trained individuals, the medical experts in the science of medicine. In spite of some occasional disagreements among the body of researchers, all of them as medical doctors have the sworn duty always to give the benefit of the doubt to the suffering victims, and somehow are able to drain down some advice, easily recognized  to give benefit to the common citizens.  

Precisely the reason why we are told to follow the basic moves that can minimize the pandemic spread of the virus, requiring us to stay clean by washing at least our hands at the right moment, to wear face mask, and to observe physical distancing even with the members of our family.  

These precautions are expected to disrupt traditional Muslim practices that we value dearly important, like the jama’a prayers inside the mosques and/or being required to observe a meter gap between the devotees, which run counter with the spirit of brotherhood among the believers. 

Such important Muslim values being suddenly disallowed have made some Muslim brothers and sisters inimically utter words which other people would misperceive as unpleasant.

It is in this regard that we in the Muslim society in general must learn how to adapt ourselves to the advices of the technically trained when the problem involves diseases and health, for these areas are the core of their professional studies.  

The virus Covid 19, like any viruses, is a created organism, and there is no denying that

there is only one Creator.  Therefore, not following medical advices, convinced that God would not let His Ummah down, brings about a situation that does not fit, for it forwards a suggestion that there are other creators aside from Him, a belief that is a taboo.

My suggestion is that under the circumstances, let us first heed the pronouncements coming from the technically mandated men of medical science, for such adherence has not been perceived, according to the ulama, as a sign that we have been moved away from the God we have loved so dearly.


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