Why Philippine Muslim Today?

From The Publisher

Masiding Noor Yahya

The birth of ‘Philippine Muslim Today’ does not come overnight. It is rather a product of analytical minds by veteran Muslim journalists who, for decades, have been in the profession working for national mainstream outfits. Alhamdulillah, Muslim independent thinkers have supported the endeavor. Many of them have responded encouragingly to sit in the interim Board of Editors to start the initial operations.

While many Muslim journalists are no doubt prolific, Manila based press and media platforms mostly non-Muslim’s do not accord the Muslim Filipino community with fair, if not equal accommodation in their mainstream pages and spots. The old time satire that ‘Only a dead Moro is a good Moro’ still persists and promotes circumstances that would continue to divide our people.

Are we not all Filipinos with equal rights and privileges as citizens of this country? Sometimes, we cannot help but almost prone to believe that ‘It takes a Moro to understand a Moro,’ or rather a Muslim to understand a Muslim.

Hence, ‘Philippine Muslim Today’ is founded to establish a national strong media entity encompassing the traditional print (hard copy) as well as the digital and online media platforms wherein independent veteran Muslim journalists and independent Muslim professionals and thinkers are united to have a fair share in the national media mainstream for the welfare of the Muslim populace in particular and the Filipino citizenry in general.

‘Philippine Muslim Today’ will be the first Muslim national newspaper to be published in the country in this digital age with hard copies to be circulated nationwide, in shaa Allah.  It is aimed to have fair share in the mainstream media and serve as a vehicle for unity, understanding, peace and progress,

This may sound easier said than done but there is no harm in trying. With consistent hard work and constantly imploring Divine Providence, there is nothing difficult that our Creator cannot ease and no noble undertaking unrealized.


The members of the Board of Editors do not need further introduction. Suffice it to say they are renowned and recognized leaders in their respective fields — diplomats, legal luminaries, physicians, historians, religious doyens, academicians, journalists. We almost have it all.

Even though they are competent, they are ad interim in nature to function until such time that regular editors and work staff are officially designated by the incoming Board of Directors, the policy-making body of the organization, who, together with other officers of PM Today, shall be officially organized and elected by the entire membership at the right time soon.

It is therefore fervently hoped that those who have signified intention to join the PM Today as seen in our group and chat pages shall be responsible enough to actively participate in its affairs by becoming truly involved in this endeavor.

Muslim thinkers, businessmen, government executives and all Muslims whether from within or without the country and who are concerned for the general welfare of the Muslim populace are invited to join in the bandwagon and support this noble, religious cause. We believe we cannot do this alone. We need you. We beg for your support.

As the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (saw), was quoted as saying, “The pen of a scholar is mightier than the sword of a martyr,” we believe our struggle for establishing this media outfit is a peaceful Jihad, among the best ways, if not the best, of ‘Jihad’ in the Islamic viewpoint.

MASIDING NOOR YAHYA | Acting Publisher and Acting Editor-In-Chief.

(The author is an independent thinker and veteran journalist. He served as first protem secretary general of the ‘World Federation of Muslim Journalists’ in Kuala Lumpur. He was conferred with a title of ‘Dean of Mranaw Journalists’ by the Sultan of Lanao, Atty. Firdausi I. Y. Abbas, PhD. He founded in 2003 the independent ‘Ranao Star Philippines,’ the longest running local newspaper published from ranao region, and serves as its editor-in-chief to date. He is Correspondent of The Manila Times, said to be Philippines’ oldest English daily.)

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