Recent incidents worry Muslims of ATB’s real target

Abdul Hannan M. Tago

Anti-Terror Bill (ATB) is badly needed here in our country as already being in place in many countries across the globe including Muslim states.

Unfortunately and while it is still under thorough reviews incidents that involved killing of Muslims and house search without warrant of arrest or proper coordination with other authorities already took place.

The recent fatalities that took place in Jolo was a big and serious backlash in favor of those against the bill. For them, this has sent a clear message that if a certain law-enforcement were given such wider power authority (Anti-terrorism bill) could be misused by unscrupulous individuals within the ranks of those government authorities.

Other great concern is the fact that the current administration has to leave after the presidential election while PRRD has only two years to go. In this context, such the bill will be under control of the new elected administration.

Bangsamoro Autonomous on Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) move to go against the bill could be a reflection of the Muslims worries and fears, while political analysts blame or pinpoint Muslim as the main cause and target.

Given reference to Marawi siege was miscalculation on the part of those top officials given the incident as justification in favor of the bill.

They ignored some facts that the history clearly traces and tells the involvement of some Western powers. They invaded almost all Muslims country in the world for their political agenda with influence financially to control youngsters regardless of their faith affiliation. No less than our president who exposed the images allegedly killing of Filipino Muslims or Moro in Mindanao during their invasion of the country.


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