Prayers as effective COVID-19 precautionary

Abdul Hannan Tago

As Muslim citizens we pray five times a day as we do believe firmly that this is the powerful weapon, among others, to prevent this deadly Covid-19.

With the increasing number of affected Filipinos, the health and medical theory is not enough to control the virus. We need moral discipline and law-abiding measures as well. That can be possible only when we return to our Creator and a community with God-fearing citizens.

The very mission of this unseen virus is to correct behaviors especially the uncontrollable desire and too much freedom in this world. In our case, the first priority that people did among others was to open the liquor business as part of utmost freedom.  People cannot celebrate their birthday without alcoholic drinks as such they become unconscious and get affected easily.

Prayer will give us strong fighting spirit to resist as such boost immune system. The Almighty Allah alone has the absolute power to stop this virus and cure us from it provided that we abide and undergo preventive measures.

For the sake of knowledge we do the following terms and conditions:

1) In every prayer we make body ablution (thorough cleanliness).

2) We have to be sure that the place we perform our prayer is absolutely clean.

3) We don’t allow shoes inside the prayer room. We vehemently prevent dogs to get inside the prayer room to insure hygienic environment.

4) To be sure that our prayer is answered or valid we don’t consume prohibited (unhealthy) food. We only eat Halal, human consumable food.

5) We must be sure that our dress/clothes are totally in hygienic shape.

6) We have to observe the dress code that cover the body properly especially women.

Medical doctors suggest that some of those practices are considered precautionary measures against viruses. Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world that strictly implements Shariah Law, has the most highest in terms of recoveries. Lately, the country has registered all time high new recoveries of 7,718 recoveries in a single day.

China where the virus originated is not only totally against divine religions but also eliminate them hence a new emerging virus is appearing again, according to a report.

Here we wonder why the most advanced country in medicine and technology like the United States of America suffer the most and the largest number.

In our country we supply medical and health workforce to Saudi Arabia and Gulf in particular and yet we cannot cure ourselves as KSA does.

We need to seek refuge from the Creator that has sent one of His soldiers (Covid-19) with a disciplinary message and mission. It is coincidence that most of religious acts and mission are the effective measures to get rid of this pandemic. Without these we see more cases and prolong mission of this virus on earth.


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