Influx of settlers in the capital increases the Covid-19 victims

Abdul Hannan
Magarang Tago

I, and the vast majority of Filipinos really highly appreciate and would salute Manila Mayor, Francisco M. Domagoso or Isko Moreno, not only those under his jurisdiction but I guess all those who appreciate effective leaders.

The only top official in the capital who recognizes the ancestors Muslim leaders by creating “Maqbarah” cemetery for them for the first time and marked the day of great first Muslim rulers of the “Amanullah” or Manila.

What I would refer to this piece is the immigration of Filipinos including Moros to the capital seeking for opportunities.

People may read this especially the decision makers in the central form of government that we have in the Philippines.

The Covid-19 is now addressing century problems of our country, among others being the capital as center of income, opportunities and livelihoods.

The problem of the capital now is the influx of settlers that caused informal residency. They are originally from provinces. They were forced to emigrate to Manila because of lack of income and opportunities in their respective communities in their provinces.

The said population produced undisciplined, less education and lawless citizens as well.

They settled in squatters, which is lack of hygiene and cleanliness areas that pose diseases making them more vulnerable people for virus.

The Philippines capital became top toe (2) if not one (1) as the world worst traffic congestion country.

We are afraid that the increasing number of Covid-19 new infections will prolong in the capital because of the behaviour of those certain communities with undisciplined attitude.

If the provinces — as supposed to be — saw development and business activities making use of their own income invested in their own land and communities we would not have seen this beyond control situation in our capital.

We have seen progressive country in the world because of a system that definitely answers and understands their needs, not greedy and resources monopoly of our century-old system of government.

The return of so called stranded Filipinos in Luzon was commended move as humanitarian work. But what we need is the sustainable solutions. The establishment of a system that would create opportunities and make use of their own resources with higher income returns as in the federal government system.

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