Why Philippine Muslim Today

President, Philippine Association of Islamic Accountants

Can anyone tell us why the Moro needs ‘Philippine Muslim Today’?

Philippine Muslim Today (“PMT” for brevity) has a philosophy of reporting the voice for the voiceless. Don’t you feel that sometimes our mainstream media is ignoring the marginalized group especially the Moro?

How could the Moro world build future if we can’t have a strong voice for the voiceless? Under the prevailing circumstances, the only voice that has the strength to challenge the status quo and say, ’hey,  there is something wrong, please fix it,’ is the Philippine Muslim Today.

Founders of PMT are journalists who have preferred a path materially un-rewarding that many of us have shunned in favor of lucrative professions.

If they choose this profession, they choose it for a mission, to be committed to the audience, to truth and to allow space for transformation to be correct and right.

PMT is on the foremost power of creating democracy and freedom of expression in the Moro world. The public out there think of Philippine Muslim Today as their own. But, right, it’s their own, for it is founded because of them.

But as we ago along the path of uncertainty, we’ll be traversing roadblocks intrinsic to the nature of society we’re living in. of which people with sarcasm are smiling behind expecting us to fail or face troubles.

Certainly we will face trouble. But we will continue. So what? Let us face the troubles if it’s for the common good. PMT

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