Eid’l Adha Message of the NCMF Secretary

The Islamic Values of Sacrifice

As we celebrate  Eid’l Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice, let us reflect on the resolve of prophet Abraham’s  [or Ibrahim’s] attempted sacrifice of his son to Allah, a most daring show of faith.  Our undying sacrifice truly resonates now more than ever on this very special day in the Muslim faith. 

To those who are privileged enough to stay in their homes to comply with the public health precautions, I honor your empathy rooted in discipline and self-restraint. To the better off, I acknowledge the willingness to share your resources to the less fortunate who are in dire need, and on this day, the provision ofqurbani to those who cannot afford it. 

To the frontliners and those who toil while exercising health standards, I honor your dedication and the skill you put in your work despite the risks to your lives. Our selfless service must continue to brazenly fuel our country’s response to the present challenges. 

To those who are most vulnerable during these times, those who lost their livelihood, the locally stranded, those who became sick of COVID-19, those who lost loved ones and to all those in pain and suffering during these trying times, yours are the sacrifice that I honor the highest.  But please know that the day will come when these will all be lifted from your shoulders.  Keep the faith. You are seen. Help is forthcoming. 

As we solemnly remember Ibrahim’s great sacrifice, let us offer our prayers and supplications to the ending of this global health crisis. Let us unite as one nation through concerted action of every Filipino under the able leadership of our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. 

Sacrifices enable our victories. The highest of sacrifices are the reasons for the most celebrated of victories. May you all recognize the value of your sacrifice. And, despite everything that we are facing right now, let us greet each other Eid Mubarak!


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