Eid’l Adha Message of the Chief Minister

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmahtullahi Taala Wa Barakatuh

The Bangsamoro Government joins the entire Muslim Ummah in celebrating this year’s Eidul Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice.

Being one of the two biggest festivities in Islam, Eidul Adha reminds us of the story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his complete willingness to offer even the life of his beloved son Ismael (AS) in obedience to Allah’s divine command. With no greater level of sacrifice that can match this act, Prophet Ibrahim’s faith and trust in the Almighty’s divine plan must always be an aspiration, at the very least, to most of us especially during these trying times.

I pray that the celebration of Eidul Adha this year would bring our families and communities closer together. If there is one thing that we learned all throughout the ongoing global pandemic, it is the fact that we are bound to stick together even if we are physically distant with one another. Just like those who were here before us, we have to remain faithful in Allah’s  plan and trust in His will while continuously praying that better days await us. After all, it is through sab’r or patience that we can find the best among us and it is also with the same virtue that our elders were able to wait for decades before we were able to establish the Bangsamoro Government.

In a similar vein, I ask our people to remain faithful and obedient to the Bangsamoro Government, to the leadership of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and to all those reposed with authorities, especially in the commandment of good (ma’ruf) and prohibition of evil (munkar).

May the Almighty Allah bless you and your family! Eidul Adha Al-Mubarak!

Wa kullu aamin wa antum bikhayr!

Chief Minister, BARMM &
Chairman, MILF

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