Kalang: A hidden Fisher’s Paradise in Tandubas, Tawi-Tawi


There is a strip of sandy fishing village in the Municipality of Tandubas that is virtually unexplored by outsiders but is considered as a huge supplier of marine products in the area. Consists only of less than a hundred households nested in a coral rocks foundation, this little village (a sitio) produces unlimited bounties of the seas ranging from exotic marine stuffs like sea cucumber, octopuses, sea urchins, squids, commercial seashells and many more. Species of fishes of all kinds can be had there. Commercial seaweed are farmed just within the vicinity. These rich resources could be attributed to its wide tidal flats that extent up to 10 square kilometers.

With only 700 meters in length and 10 meters width of mixed sand and dead coral fingers its potential as a ‘must visit’ little village is enormous especially for adventurers, photographers and tourists who chose to be out from the hustles and buzzers of urban life. The ambiance of the place is spectacular to the eye of a photographer because it offers both sunset and sunrise sceneries.

The place is completely shut off from modernity although there are a number of residents who    are connected to satellite television and cell telephone getting their signals from main island Municipality of Tandubas. Electricity is sourced from private handy generators from those few who can only afford.

Despite its proximity to Tandubas the fishermen in the village are mostly Badjaos and Sama from far off Laminusa of Siasi, Sulu.


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