No talk means absence of care


With Ali G. Macabalang

I watched attentively to the delivery of the 5th SONA of PRRD on Monday and I felt frustrated in a expectation that he would mention even a few lines about his administration’s current thrust for the reconstruction of the war-torn Marawi City and the recovery of its displaced residents, most of whom languish in different parts of the country.

A single sentence about his policy on the state of Marawi would have made the difference as far as the seemingly reclusive leadership of the Task Force Bangon marawi (TFBM) is concerned.

For me, the absence of a sort of reminder about the state of Marawi implied lack of concern for humanity vis-à-vis the plights of the Meranao bakwits.

In all his public messages in the last two months, the President had underscored the need for his administration’s all-out measures to relieve the adversities of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of Filipinos. But he had not mentioned the need for restoring decent life among the people of Marawi, who are doubly burdened by war displacement and the global pandemic.

I am also frustrated in my expectation for a response to a formal communication I sent to Palace Chief Legal Counsel     

Salvador Panelo requesting him to allot a segment of his informative “Counterpoint” online program. I sent his the communication almost a week ago but Sec. Panelo has yet to come up with an episode of his online program.

I am still hoping that in his next program segment, Sec. Panelo would provide even a brief update on what the Palace has in store for the people of Marawi.

I sympathize with critics about the absence of regular government updates on the TFBM operations. And I pity more the IDPs because they would have not been uprooted out of their homes if only the armed forces had used surgical military operations.

I could still not believe that trained government warriors would burn the entire city to neutralize a few terrorists. Why should one burn the entire house in the search of a few rats?

Like other fellow Meranaos, I can only pray for Divine intervention for the moment. Hasbi-Allah!

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