NCMF cites CDO legislature for adopting anti-discrimination ordinance


EQUALITY ORDINANCE. Some representatives of youth and NGO groups posing after the passage of the “Cagayan de Oro Diversity and Equality Ordnance” they had advocated among the city legislature.(Supplied)

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) lauded Wednesday the legislative council (Sangguniang Panglungsod) of Cagayan de Oro City for adopting on same day an ordinance prohibiting discriminatory acts in the city and its residents.

NCMF Secretary Saidamen Pangarungan through agency spokesperson Jun Alonto-Datu Ramos particularly cited City Councilor Ferlie Balaba for sponsoring and pushing the passage of the “Cagayan de Oro Diversity and Equality Ordnance.”

The ordinance bans discrimination in religion, sexual orientation, and gender, and prescribed for a creation of a body that will implement the local edict in letter and spirit, it was learned.

One of the enabling hearings for the passage of the ordinance was attended by Jamaloden Muti of the NCMF.

Datu Ramos said NCMF-Northern Mindanao Regional Director Abdulnasser Masorong, Jr. rallied various NGOs, youth organizations, and other government agencies for the approval of  the ordinance.

“The NCMF thanks Councilor Balaba, with the CDO City Council and the Technical Working Group, for their strong political will in ensuring that all constituents will be treated fairly, and the other organizations specifically the CHR, Balaod Mindanaw, PWD organization, Tingog CDO, Oro Youth Development Council, Equal Access International, and Interfaith Council for all the support,” Datu Ramos said in an online post.

Meanwhile, some social media practitioners acknowledged the intensified coordinative efforts of the NCMF with both private and public sectors in advancing the welfare of Muslim Filipinos.

They earlier praised the current NCMF leadership for its successes in forming consultative councils in various cities with known Muslim residents, as well as the estanlishment of public cemeteries for Muslims in Luzon and in Manila.

Last month, Mayor Moreno and Sec. Pangarungan led the groundbreaking rite for the opening of a Muslim cemetery and a mosque in San Andres District of Manila, entailing some P43-million budget from the city government.

Despite absence of calamity funds, the NCMF has succeeded in forging links with private and public sectors for the distribution of relief goods among village people across the country affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lately, the NCMF field workforces joined hands with volunteers from the provincial government of Lanao del Sur and the Bangsamoro autonomous regional government for the dispersal of relief goods and conduct of mental health for a in some parts of Mindanao, it was learned. ALI G. MACABALANG

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