WARKA ADALA: The Tausug Cosmic Energy Healer

Managing Editor

If there is now distant learning, there is now also distant healing. This is best described on the book “Warka Adala: The Cosmic Energy Healer.”

This is proven true by a Tausug Cosmic Energy Healer in the person of Hadji Warka Adala who originally comes from Patikul, Sulu.

Hence, in the case of Hj. Warka there are many healing modalities available. One of these is the distant cosmic energy healing that he effectively used which is a unique method, tested and proven by a lot of patients that avail of his method across the globe.

Hj. Warka uses also several words that described the process of healing barreling, spinning and vacuuming.

These are the words he used in describing the process of healing even without any physical contact. Patients who have visited Hj. Warka’s clinic to include this Managing Editor continue to seek his gift of healing even they are at the other end of the world meaning physically at a far distance.

Hence, in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, Hj. Warka was the first to apply the now minimum standards of health protocol like social distancing long before the advent of this pandemic.

At the time when authors of this book like Dr. Paul J. Dejillas, Dr. Tita E. Branzuela, Edwin N. Camaya and of course Dr. Jaime T. Licauco, started writing on the book “Warka Adala, The Cosmic Energy Healer,” the Coronavirus still deadly raging more than a wild fire. The pandemic resulted in the thousands of deaths around the world. The Philippines is not exempted where newspaper of other countries has even referred to Philippines as “Land of COVID-19.”

Philippine Muslim Today Managing Editor is one of the patients of Hj. Warka Adala in one of his Healing Sessions in Cotabato City. Hj. Warka just merely touched the afflicted part of the patient by merely concentrating on it on without the usual prayer. (Contributed Photo)

By the way Hj. Warka is like a medical doctor who has his own clinic. His patients in Metro Manila can undergo their cosmic energy healing once they visit the Warka Adala Cosmic Energy Healing Clinic at the ground floor of Rothman Hotel, 1633 M. Adriatico St., Malate, Manila.

Or if the patient is in Mindanao particularly in Zamboanga City, he or she may visit Hj. Warka’s Healing Garden in Catumbal, Culianan, Zamboanga City.

As a cosmic energy healer, Dr. Jaime T. Licauco described the healing method of Hj. Warka as energy healing.

Dr. Licauco said Hj. Warka’s method of healing is simply laying of hands similar to what one of the Prophets of Islam Jesus Christ did some 2,000 years ago.

There are no elaborate rituals or prayers involved. Dr. Paul J. Dejillas who is one of the authors of this book “Warka Adala, the Cosmic Energy Healer” also has his own observations the way Hj. Warka treats his patients. “He heals by putting his hand on top of the afflicted part of the person’s body for about 15 minutes. He closes his eyes and sees colors swirling in the patient’s body. Black means the body part is in bad condition, grey and red mean the patient is in pain. Blue shows healing has begun.”

Thus, Hj. Warka as a rejoinder to the observation of this author, said “when I close my eyes, it’s as if I see myself easing the problem that is causing the pain. My healing energy is focused on the particular area and I will not open my eyes or remove my hand until I feel that everything is all right and balanced and smoothness in the afflicted area is restored.”

Dejillas also posed an intriguing question on Hj. Warka healing power. He asked, “Is Bro. Warka’s energy healing for real? Or is it merely a product of a deluded mind being conditioned and manipulated by some external forces? If not, can his art of healing be verified scientifically in the laboratories? Is there a connection between the physical and the metaphysical or spiritual? If so, how can the spiritual influence the physical?

Finally, in the findings of Dr. Dejillas, he said Hj. Warka energy healing involves the transfer of energy and, as he said, energy that is not coming from him- the healer- but from aligning his vibration to the frequency ands of the Divine Energy.

As Hj. Warka said, he is merely a channel for restoring the unobstructed flow of energy in the patient’s mind, body, and spirit. It is the Divine Energy that does the healing. JIJ

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