Duterte, Enrile, China and Philippines

Last of 2 Parts

Diliman Way

With Homobono A. Adaza

The Enrile warning is timely. It should not be ignored. The people should listen and be alert otherwise, before long we will become a province of China. We will become second class citizens. And the Chinese, especially the Communist kind, are not exemplary masters. You don’t have to go to Xinjiang province of China to see the cruel treatment by the CCP of the Uighur Muslims minority.

All you need to do is notice the way the Chinese in this country treat their servants and workers. By no means is China our friend. The Chinese in our country treat us like their inferiors. The think they have every reason to do that since they control the economy of our country – banks, malls, trade of all our products, hardware, airlines, maritime, subdivisions, high rise buildings, etcetera, etcetera. Name it, and they have got it!

They have also been indirectly controlling the politics of this country. It is about time we tell these foreigners that this is our country and they better start behaving properly.

The task of Johnny: Now that Johnny Enrile has hit the nail on the head, he should see President Duterte at the earliest opportunity and tell the President to reverse gear on his policy towards China.

He should tell Duterte that if he does not act now, tomorrow may be too late. He should divest President Duterte of his irrational fear that China would go to war on the issue of the West Philippine Sea. It will not go to war on the bases of several precedents. China did not go to war on the issue of Taiwan which it claims to be its province.

From Mao to Xi and that is a period of more than seventy years, China has done nothing but saber rattling. It did not go to war.

China and Japan have a controversy on the ownership of islands straddling between these two countries for decades now, it did not go to war, it just kept on threatening.

When Chinese forces surreptitiously crept into Indian territory and was repelled by Indian forces, China retreated and did not go to war.

Xi Jinping is the master of political bluff and President Duterte fell for it. What a pity! Or, is Duterte soft on China and Xi because of his repeated public claim that his grandfather is Chinese?

The other matter he should disabuse President Duterte is Dutert’s claim that Xi Jinping assured him he will not allow Duterte to be ousted. But that is a lot of nonsense. Xi cannot do that. He will not go to war for Duterte as he will not go to war for the West Philippine. The only ones who can oust Duterte are the Filipino people, the military or America’s CIA. Or, the forces which Johnny Ponce Enrile must have in mind?

Timing: Probably this is not the proper time to discuss what Johnny Enrile was writing about. But it is an interesting provocation to an intelligent conversation. I just could not let it pass. Anyhow, China, Xi and Duterte are inextricably bound together by the corona virus. At this point in time, Duterte and Enrile are aging, just like me.

Political figures like Duterte and Enrile are normally concerned with their legacy. As of now, it is uncertain for both of them. But a bold resolution to the China problem will work wonders for Duterte and Enrile.

I am certain that if both of them agree on checking the inroads of China into our country, they will both be remembered by our people.

Let’s think of possibilities though. If Duterte rebuffs Enrile’s warning and advice, what will Johnny Enrile do? Will he be just a Cicero – speaking while people are listening? Or, will he be a Demosthenes – speaking and making people march? It is interesting to watch the denouement. HOMOBONO ADAZA

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