Evil is still Evil

Ding Yahya Timeline

With Masiding Noor Yahya


EVIL IS STILL EVIL. There is no such thing as lesser evil or greater evil. They are all evils. Therefore, it must not be a choice. (Aug 1, 2014)


Wag po kayo mgtago sa sayad ng pekeng FB account. Kung tutoo pinopost nyo, wag po kayo duwag o bastos. Magpakatutoo po kayo. (Aug 15, 2017)


They gave you a name; you resisted at first, and made it loose. Then you went to war, but they made it a law. Then what? (Aug 9, 2018)



SATURDAY.  Is it Sabbath Day today? That God has commanded to be a ‘Rest Day’? In Marawi and Lanao Sur before the Siege, they didn’t go to work-places on Fridays and Saturdays for they were rest days. But now no more. Why? I don’t know.

SUNDAY. American Jews control world politics. And one thing is certain: They will never allow Palestine to regain their homeland, nor be at par with Israel.

MONDAY. Live your life even if it is respondent to the clock. But don’t leave without useful legacy.

TUESDAY. You are born today only to die tomorrow. But what is important is your purpose in your short life in this world. And that is NOT to please them but to SERVE Him with all your best.

WEDNESDAY. We are independent journalists, not government propagandists, on the go, poking nose where there is news, a very dangerous work amid the deadly CV19 and against those who suppress the truth and oppress humanity.

THURSDAY. As I always say, journalists are not supposed to be propagandists. They report events as they happen and not preach for any one interest or color, be political nor religious, red nor yellow. Journalists bring straight news to the reading public — a verified report, not the saragakal or the piangantang. Nothing personal, trabaho lang ito.

FRIDAY. This day is so blessed that it teaches us ‘no man is an island.’ It is a sojourn to mingle with good people, to interact, to listen and ask forgiveness from each other and to be united all for the sake of His Most Exalted Name. MNY

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