National, Bangsamoro governments should recognize LGU’s efforts in clearing of road obstructions

By Muslimedia.PH

Several months have passed since the national government and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) have ordered Local Government Units (LGUs) in Lanao del Sur to immediately clear obstructions of highways, provincial and municipal roads which posing dangers to commuters and motorists. Then suddenly, it seems forgotten.

Residents in the municipality of Bacolod Kalawi in Lanao del Sur take the lead in the clearing of road obstruction in their own town. (RSP)

The order did not come easy for the LGUs because illegal concrete structures including residential and commercial buildings were rampantly built. Even public structures such as BPAT’s checkpoints were also illegally constructed. Worst, markets were even established along the highways and if you happened to pass along these highways, you have had probably hard time going through the traffic.

The order stormed the LGUS. Most, if not all LGUs followed and implemented the order. Several concrete structures believed to be obstructing the roads are demolished. And building owners had to obey the order. Indeed, this is among the many government orders followed and implemented by the LGUs in the province.

Then suddenly the program just disappeared in silence, or put into shelves. It is presumed its time has lapsed and there is a need to move on to other programs.

Be that as it may, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) should fairly reward the efforts of a local government unit (LGU) which religiously follow and implement the department’s order and has excelled among other LGUs.

In Lanao del Sur, media covering the province has lauded how the municipality of Bacolod Kalawi follows in the letter the order of the department to clear those obstructions of roads including highways and town roads.

The Mindanao Gold Star, a credible regional daily in Northern in Mindanao, said Bacolod Kalawi has led others in the clearing of road obstructions. Ranao Star, the one covering LGUs activities, could also attest to that.

Bacolod Kalawi municipality, if ever DILG would award those who implemented the road obstruction clearing, deserves the award. Muslimedia.PH

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