A Pipe Dream

JP Enrile Commentary

With Juan Ponce Enrile

A few days ago in Clark City some  individuals gathered and proposed a revolutionary government for the country. The proposal immediately triggered a panic reaction from some quarters. While the proponents of the idea might be well meaning, there is not enough time – from now until the national election of May, 2022 – to put across their proposal and to accomplish the task of their revolutionary government.

But more than that,  the proposal is, to me, nothing more than a pipe dream. I am glad the Palace distanced itself from the revgov proposal. That proposal would totally wreck the image of the Duterte administration. Imagine, the proposal would, in effect, call for President to be  a rebel and adventurer against the constitution under which he was elected and which, by his oath of office, he swore to ” preserve and defend.” That, indeed,  would have lastingly stained the achievements of the Duterte government.

Installing a revgov is undoubtedly an unconstitutional act. Its aim is none other than to destroy the current constitution  and replace it with another without a formal consent  from the people. I really doubt if the AFP and PNP will go along with a proposal like that. I am more inclined to believe that they will not.

There is no parity between the Cory Aquino revgov and the newly proposed revgov. Cory did not take her oath under the 1973 Constitution. Justice Claudio Teehankee, who administered her oath, prepared an oath for Cory when she assumed her position as President of the country. The theory then being that Cory derived her authority to govern the country from the EDSA Revolution  and not from the snap presidential election of 1986. That is why  Secretary of Justice Neptali Gonzales drafted the Revolutionary Constitution in March of 1986. JPE

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