China lovers and China

Diliman Way

With Homobono A. Adaza

“Let a hundred flowers bloom,
Let a thousand schools of thought contend.”
— Mao Tse Tung aka Mao Zedong

“The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market, and that truth is the only ground upon which their wishes safely can be carried out. — Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

A Fil-Chinese commented on my article entitled “Duterte, Enrile, China and Philippines” saying I will demolish Bono tomorrow. I was waiting for him to demolish me but not even his shadow appeared like a similar incident where the idol of this Fil-Chinese challenged journalist Waldy Carbonnell to a gun fight but not even his shadow appeared at the time and place of his choice.

Possibly, in his rage against me due to my article and his obvious unfamiliarity with the English language, he meant he will demolish my article. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt despite his intransigence and low street level desire for a shouting match so familiar with the nonsensical current shouting matches between the Dutertistas and the Aquinistas. 

I have no desire to participate in a shouting match. It is demeaning, it being the normal method of the ignorant, vulgar and uncivilized. It is not constructive but reminiscent of the story about trial lawyers which goes this way: If you have the law, pound on the judge. If you don’t have the law but only the facts, pound on the jury. If you don’t have facts and the law, pound on the table.

This Fil-Chinese doesn’t have the facts and the law, so he keeps on pounding the table. Pounding the table in this case means name-calling or argumentum ad hominem. But even on that level, he can’t win.

Name-calling: Like an ignorant China man in a dirty Chinese market, he resorts to name-calling instead of presenting his counter-arguments. Since he can’t win on the level of arguments, he thinks he can win by name-calling – “ungga unggas…American agents…bone head… pipitsugin promdi na walang alam kong anong sinasabi na walang saysay tulad ni Bono…usual diarrhea of words…incarnation of intellectual depravity and treason against the Filipino culture…a nation so poor to afford a decent life for its masses…”

Qualifications: In court, a witness who claims to be an expert is first qualified as an expert witness before he is allowed to testify. I am interested to know how your lawyer will qualify you, Herman Shio Nga Kalibang Suka as an expert witness.

Herman Shio Nga: Of what I know of you, you are not a lawyer that is why your ignorance of the Constitution and Philippine laws are monumental, embarrassing and scandalous. I don’t know whether you finished college and what grade you got in English because your use of the English language is fractured and weird, your knowledge of argumentation is disjointed and dismal. And you argue like the Chinese taho vendor of old who claimed he is better than Filipinos prompting Filipinos to shout back at him – Intsek Shio Nga, kalibang suka and Baboy!

You have never been elected in this country to any public office even as Barangay Captain or Chairman or anything. You only held a government position once, as head of an agency based in Palawan courtesy of President Cory Aquino.

You cannot be an authority on Philippine national interest because, as they say, you walk like a duck, you quack like a duck and you look like a duck – you must be a duck.

Transposed to your situation, you walk like a China man, you talk like a China man, you look like a China man – you must be a China man. How can a dyed in the wool China man, hiding behind a Filipino citizenship know what is Philippine national interest? Certainly, he knows China’s national interest because it his, too. Because of your unmitigated arrogance, you must be of the same kind as Intsek Shio Nga Kalibang Suka parading yourself as a China lover as against the interest of Filipinos, scandalously pretending to champion Filipino interest.

Johnny Ponce Enrile: You called JPE names. Herman Shio Nga Kalibang Suka. I knew you are filthy rich with your restaurant, eateries and other investments and properties in this country but even on that level you cannot be compared to JPE.

You are an economic pygmy while Enrile is a giant. Again, on the level of resume, you are nothing but a piece of Chinese pebble in a dirty deserted Chinese beach oozing with Chinese corona virus, in comparison to JPE. While I don’t agree with him many times, you cannot deny he was Senate President, Secretary of National Defense, Secretary of Justice, Member of Parliament and Chief of the Bureau of Customs, headed prestigious law offices, ACCRALAW and PECABAR, and graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Law.

Me: I am just a poor boy from Misamis Oriental and Camiguin, born to a legendary mayor of a father and an iconic elementary public school teacher of a mother; topped my classes from grade one to my pre-law at the University of the Philippines, top ten in the UP College of law  with a consistent permanent membership in the Order of the Purple Feather, the UP College of Law honor society, and membership in two international honor societies – PHI KAPPI PHI, for over-all academic excellence, and PI GAMMA MU, for academic excellence in the social sciences; twice editor-in-chief of the Philippine Collegian, the official student publication of the UP, main campus at Diliman, Quezon City on an annual term, the only one up to this day; took the Philippine Collegian editorial examination three times and made it each time, also the only one up to this day;  was a political prisoner in Camp Crame and Fort Bonifacio for one year six months and eleven days during the Marcos martial law.

I organized a political party, MINDANAO ALLIANCE (MA), the first Opposition party organized under martial law, in response to the Marcos challenge for the 1978 interim Batasang. Pambansa elections, where MA candidates overwhelmingly won in two regions in Mindanao but none of the victors were proclaimed except Reuben Canoy from Region X.

Though the KBL leader in Region X admitted to Marcos in Malacañang that there were two winners – Canoy and Adaza- Marcos ordered to proclaim Canoy but not Adaza, in the presence of Secretary Antonio Raquiza.

In 1980, I won as Provincial Governor of Misamis Oriental, one of two Opposition governors who got elected despite the formidable machinery and money of the KBL and the other one was Joey Laurel of Batangas I went on to win as Member of Parliament in 1984 where I single-handedly fought against the proclamation of Marcos while you Herman Intsek Shio Nga Kalibang Suka was worshipping at Marcos’ feet.  

Conclusion: Comparing Herman Intsek Shio Nga Kalibang Suka, Enrile and my qualification, it is overwhelmingly obvious that Herman Intsek Shio Nga Kalibang Suka is not an expert witness on Filipino national interest or on anything else for that matter.

Analysis of charges and claims: It is quite clear that the way Herman Intsek Shio Nga Kalibang Suka writes and argues, he should study how to write in English and argue like a good debater or as a trial lawyer. Look at these:

“Diarrhea of words”: My article is four and a half (41/2) pages, his is in five and a half (51/2) pages. Which one is longer and a diarrhea? Huh, Intsek Shio Nga Kalibang Suka.

 “Unggas-unggas”: Enrile just stated a fact that control by Chinese, direct or indirect, of the Fuga island group is prejudicial to our national interest. It just happen I agree with Enrile as it gives China strategic control of the sea lanes and the island group is nearer to China than the nearest Philippine entry point, as Intsek Shio Nga Kalibang Suka pointed out in his reply article.

Intsek Shio Nga Kalibang Suka says in his reply article that the entry of Chinese investors and developers in Fuga is just for business with the view to starting the development of Northern Luzon because the area is undeveloped. Absolute nonsense!

First, wherever Chinese invest, they gain a foothold to promote China and Chinese interest. Many of the countries where China and Chinese invested are now in a China debt trap. They could not pay their loans to China, so China and Chinese have gained a part of these countries from Senegal to Maldives. And also in the Philippines!

American experience: China and Chinese, wherever they invest, as the experience of the United States and other countries, try to control strategic industries in these countries and get into the political mainstream so government policies in those countries will be in favor of China and the Chinese. Not only that, as international media, has exposed – China and Chinese bribe experts to steal scientific formulas and technological advances for the benefit of China and the Chinese.

China and Chinese are experts in bribery and graft and corruption as we have experienced in the Philippines. That is why China and Chinese flourish in our country giving birth to and continuing with massive graft and corruption to the detriment of our people.

 A series: Considering the importance of this subject, “China Lovers and China”, for the survival of the Philippines as an independent country, I have decided to do a series  on the subject with the view to educating our people and ridding the country of the influence and dominant presence of China lovers, Chinese and China. HOMOBONO ADAZA

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