Why we need Balance Education

By Abdul Hannan Magarang Tago

At an educational gathering here recently marking the graduation of grade ten (10) students. Thank to the organizer, I was guest of honor and so impressed by the school balanced system of education.

They both study Western and Islamic-Arabic education making them bilingual in both major languages; Arabic and English with modern knowledge and moral values.

The discipline inspired me to talk precisely on such unique and very ideal system for our community.

As a graduate of a Cairo-based Al-Azhar university in 1991, and worked with multinational workforce. I was also exposed to the international issues in all aspects of life.

I have seen and lived in the Middle East where major war took place or still taking place. The war in Iraq,  Libya and now Syria that eventually caused the killing of heads of those strong Arab countries. It killed several millions of civilians also in these countries.

The Westerners and their power travelled thousands of miles for a very clear mission and indeed succeeded at the expense of humanity.

The Westerners are equipped with high worldly education and technology in all fields. Yet, the mankind did not benefit from such knowledge except their vested interests. It caused massive destruction of properties and infrastructures. Unfortunately, Muslims were the most target. They suffered the most.

“Education without moral value is useless and cannot serve the very purpose for which mankind was created,” I told the graduates.

In this context, a country could be hightech best in science and medicine but it is immoral and against humanity.

They live in selfishness and sacrifice others for their own vested interests. Nobody can control them except the power of unseen Almighty Allah S.W.T. One of His signs is the strong wind that only we feel its energy and nobody can touch it.

The Covid-19 is a serious example and examine for a purpose.

The invisible enemy paralyzed almost all Western countries with several millions casualties without a single bullet.

This is to correct and manifest that there is a real powerful Creator who cannot be ignored.

He does not allow the poor human being to destroy others without valid reason. He created us to respect each and every nation.

He encouraged us to live in harmony and passion. Everybody needs the support and products of others to boost cooperation and helping hand attitude. Only balance education can do that. AHMT

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