The Complex Mindanao War


As war drumbeats to frown what peace achieved over decades of gov’t and rebel talks, the MNLF & MILF obviously, were they are said obviate victors; in minds of many Muslims, it would have gained the peace and the prosperity it sought, more importantly, and an end to warring which has spanned decades.

Marawi City after the 2017 siege.

Except heading local autonomous outfits it sought, ARMM and BARMM respectively, war for Mindanao reeked worse to have become now lairs for global terrorists, making conflict even more the high road in a more complex global radical terrorism, a truly dreary metamorphosis.

I’d say talking peace hasn’t addressed concluding to its end. The long pestering war problems in Mindanao is unending, ironically, this too many decades claiming hundreds, thousands lost lives, displaced people and business, immeasurable.

But as far as the MNLF & MILF rebellions, one ended in 1996 MNLF taking reign of ARMM and the other, MILF, the BARMM, have all forthwith concluded, but to no avail. Meanwhile war, conflicts, continue unabated. It is rather heavily perceived two rebel groups to have formed part of the solution measures, pretty much the option we liked to further promote peacemaking. Undoubtedly, no question indeed.

Certainly, Jolo or Marawi’s terrorism experiences cannot be a Muslim rebellion just because of ISIS or others in the Middle East based war machineries, as terror experts say, simply for support eked from there and firing up local terrorism doesn’t mean it is Islamic. It just doesn’t add up. Targets are Muslim majority cities, for instance Jolo and Marawi; such heinous acts grossly bury such places deep in poverty, this is un-Islamic in all preponderance, it doesn’t make any sense.

There still are unseen hands in all these. For instance known supporters of the terrorist siege of Marawi in 2017, politicians and criminals, evaded prosecution. Gov’t failed to grasp the opportunity to exemplify leadership, it sadly chose the safer road, by doing nothing.

However, attacks as these by terrorists portrays a rather ominous design to further glorify global terror, a dilemma very new to us in Mindanao. Something gov’t has failed to grasp. Instead, they made scapegoating its exit strategy, thus carpet bomb Marawi City to smithereens. In their mind, the city’s ruin will make residents, everyone forget.

As seen from afar, terror attacks as these funded from global terrorists, certainly cannot be our origin, or our rebellion, this can’t be it. Common sense say we know recruiting tool of overseas based terrorists to be simply luring recruits with money, so I say, this is no ideology based Islamic radicalism.

But rather is caused by squalid poverty, due to being poor and desperate.

But terrorism expert Prof Banlaoi has with dexterity assure he knows his subject well.

True to form, he lay framework from framework, dust to dust, how terrorists think, eat, perhaps fornicate, but none about tracing root issues by which I know we need to be able to understand why this war triggered, what for and how does it end.

Wherewithal is being, how war in Mindanao can end quick, would their expertise say how?

From a Mindanao insider view, this acts of terrorism wrecking havoc to both our cities #Jolo and #Marawi is our version of 911, first for Southeast Asia. For the first time, the country engaged a prolonged siege of more than 5 months, wall to wall hand to hand combat. The precursor to failure in winning people’s confidence in Marawi reverberated in multiple terror acts by suicide bombers, in Jolo few days ago, a thing very expectedly to happen.

To wrap it up, this wars in Mindanao triggered from an international incident uncovered by the Philippine legislature in the 1968 Corregidor massacre in which says, it was a territorial dispute over the State of Sabah between the Philippines and Malaysia.

This serious incident was ignored by the international community, particularly the United Nations. AAL

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