Muslims urged to be on guard vs crimes, violence


By Masiding Noor Yahya

Muslim civic leaders have urged their brother Muslims to be on guard always against lawless elements and violence for their safety as killings are being perpetrated against them.

A Muslim couple from Lanao del Sur was ambushed and died on the spot in an apparent robbery cum murder. (FB)

Abdul Aziz Goling-Decampong Lucman, a Maranao leader in Metro Manila and a close kin of the victim, said, “It appears obvious that we Muslims are easily killed in Metro Manila, (and we asked) our leaders especially those in Congress to defend and fight for the rights of Muslims in Metro Manila.”

On Thursday evening, a Muslim couple from Lanao del Sur was ambushed in Pasay City by unidentified armed suspects in ‘police uniform.’

The victims earlier identified by relatives as Hj. Farhan “Jun” Saad Decampong, and wife Hja. Farhana died on the spot.

The Maranao couple is known in the Muslim community in the National Capital Region especially in Metro Manila as merchants engaged in jewelry business.

Police initial report said that the incident happened at about 6:25 p.m. along Ortigas St., Barangay 76 Zone 10, Pasay City.

Media reported two witnesses claiming that prior to the shooting incident they saw two men in police uniform on board a motorcycle parked along Ortigas St.

The witnesses claimed they heard gunshots when the victims’ vehicle arrived on the crime scene and saw the motorcycle-riding men flee towards the direction of EDSA bringing what appears to be a vault.

Vault containing P15-million in cash and jewelries missing

Sultan Hj. Yunos Labay, president of the Pasay Muslim Consultative Council said the victims were on their way home when the incident happened.

Yunos said the vault of the victims containing cash and jewelry amounting to P15-million is missing.

The Pasay ambush took place at the heels of what happened in Kabacan where nine Muslim farmers were massacred, the so-called suicide bombings in Jolo done earlier and other violence in other parts of the country.

Also, sometimes in June this year in Manila, a Muslim barangay chairman in Quiapo was executed in public.

Victim chairman Abubakar Sharief was seen talking to a group of policemen when, a few minutes after their mobile patrol left, another group of armed men executed Sharief.

A CCTV camera caught the presence of the group of killers and their getaway vehicle at the time Sharief and the policemen were talking. Muslimedia.PH

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