Revolutionary Government — Crime Against the People and the Constitution (2)

Diliman Way

With Homobono A. Adaza

Are illegal drugs no longer a problem in this country?

Is not graft and corruption prevalent now under the Duterte national government?

Are not grafters and the corrupt going scot-free because they are friends of the Duterte government?

Is not injustice the habit of the Duterte government? Is not selective justice the mode of conduct of the Duterte national government?

Answers: You know the answers if you read and listen. They are rhetorical questions, if you have read and heard of two Customs Chief going scot-free even if they were responsible for allowing the importation into the country of SIX BILLION PESOS worth of illegal drugs but reassigned to other high positions in government; if you have heard and read of the Chief of the New Bilibid Prisons releasing thousands of prisoners even if they are not entitled to be set free under the law; if you have heard and read of the massive graft and corruption in PhilHealth; if you have heard and read of some top officials of the Bureau of Immigration who had to resign due to graft and corruption; if you have heard and read of the graft and corruption in SSS; if you have heard and read of a Member of the Cabinet who had to resign due to involvement in graft and corruption but reassigned to a juicy position; if you have heard and read of hundreds of government officials involved in graft and corruption on government financial aid during the pandemic; if you have read and heard of drug lords having the time of their lives in prison or out of prison simply because they are known to have  good connections with top officials of the Duterte government; if you have heard and read that some top officials in government, even on the Cabinet level have made a lot of money in violation of our anti-graft laws; if you have heard and read of a Member of the Cabinet who made a lot of money before the pandemic and during the pandemic, in violation of our anti-graft laws? Name it and they have got it.

And these are the people who want to establish and run a revolutionary government, using President Duterte as a figure head?

As an ordinary citizen exclaimed on the knowledge of a revolutionary government to be established by these proclaimed Duterte adherents – Por Dios, por santo! The current national government is already a disaster; a revolutionary government with them at the helm will be a catastrophe.

Criminal offenses: The organizers are asking the people of this country to join them in the establishment of a revolutionary government, even writing letters to military and police authorities to join them, so the reports say. Do their acts constitute criminal offenses? They do!

The acts of the Revgov organizers in publicly asking the people to join them in their advocacy of installing a revolutionary government and inviting the military and police authorities to join them constitute several crimes under the Revised Penal Code. They violate Article 136 on conspiracy and proposal to commit a coup d’etat, rebellion and insurrection and Article 138 of the same Code for inciting to rebellion or insurrection.

Other than the provisions mentioned, they could also be charged under Article 141 of the Revised Penal Code for conspiracy to commit sedition and Article 142 of the same Code for inciting to sedition.  

The Revgov advocates may argue that they are not using force or arms to achieve their objective. Then, why are they inviting the military and police authorities to join them? The only reason for the invitation is – they need the backing of arms to achieve the goal of establishing a Revgov. So their argument does not hold water.

They may also argue further that President Duterte will head their Revgov, therefore they are not against the government. Why, is Duterte the government? Is Mayor/President Rodrigo Roa Duterte the Constitution? President Duterte heads the constitutional government but the idea that he also will be installed as the head of the revolutionary government does not mean that the Revgov is a mere continuation of the constitutional government. It is a fatal blow against the constitutional government. Thus, it is a criminal offense.

Government reaction: PNP Chief Archie Gamboa who just reached his mandatory retirement on Wednesday, September 2, said his organization will not support the call for a Revgov saying, “Political stunts such as this are ill-timed considering we are in the midst of a fighting COVID-19 pandemic.”  Whether pandemic or no pandemic, this “stunt” is reprehensible, it is against the law and the Constitution. He redeemed himself though when he said, “I have directed the CIDG to investigate individuals behind and to determine if there is any basis to file criminal charges.”

Any lawyer worth his salt will tell him there is basis to file criminal charges.
President Duterte in a statement published in the PDI said, he does not know any of the proponents. He is, however, contradicted by Deputy Undersecretary Epimaco Densing III who is quoted by PDI as saying,” He knows them as the chair of the (group) is former (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) Chief Gene Mamondiong so he knows them. Other members of the MMRD-NECC are from the Cabinet,” Densing told radio dzBB.     

Let us see how this will play out in the next few days or weeks whether as usual the selective justice technique of the Duterte administration will work wonders for the Revgov organizers.

Power grab: This action of the Revgov organizers should be quite clear to political observers and analysts. President Duterte does not look well in television. In the oft-quoted words of presidential spokesman, Harry Roque, “President Duterte is in perpetual isolation.” They are very intriguing words. What does Roque mean? The words perpetual and isolation have very disturbing implications. If the perpetual isolation of the President continues until the elections of 2022, the hope of Duterte’s presidential candidate winning is next to nil.

So these explain the intended power grab through the establishment of a revolutionary government. It is as clear as day. The Dutertistas do not want to lose power and the prerequisites of power in 2022 – come Hell or high water! Homobono A. Adaza

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