A Matter of Credibility

By Aminullah Alonto Lucman

It is as often disguised civilization to be a matter to be credible about; that its true discourse is destroy hence, what man has seen all the many centuries of inception has actually been the preservation of greed. However, if this is to be believed, what proofs have I that it is not?

This is the tricky part because as a Muslim, I’d say Islam had its sway during of which many odd centuries ago, it sought the discovery of science and really did relieve man of many of his malefaction; war and conflicts and poverty, in all either orders. Or should I say the animal in men? So did the saying ‘the cake is in the pudding’, but why haven’t we been Muslims all this many odd centuries too been uncaring and had gotten so enmeshed on forgettable issues like defending head scarves, the hijab?

The ambiguities indeed can overburden; the myopia to say the least of the miniscule issue has gotten the better part of Muslims from within the romance and antics of Paris and elsewhere in Europe and the American travel ban, incinerating these places perilously that has animal behavior consuming these swell civilized places in rabid frenzy, really crazy. Given the vicissitudes of inexplicable wars in majority Muslim areas, the hijab as an issue is to me a ploy remove our thoughts in greater things, like knowing why we Muslims are at war. Crazy isn’t it?

Let me begin nonetheless in nondescript issues like hijab and science; why would it care to compare in the first place. This is really a tricky question as a matter of fact, like what is a head scarf from science, in mathematical equations it doesn’t say much. But when you say what is science in Islam; it can mean a lot. It means that had Islam been all war and no fun, one and zero would have remained unknown; meaning no Facebook Twitter and things of the cyber, zilch. Hijab however, is symbolical of Islam; the overtly misinterpreted issue civilized men have gotten so insane about.

The science of Mathematics is of Islamic origin; it was from a Muslim named Al Jabbar whose discovery concocted the moniker ‘Algebra’ and many more of it like Astronomy Medicines etc.

Well, there is no comparison but let me check American travel ban for Muslims coming from certain areas in the Middle East; American jurisprudence say order is illegal, the judiciary has seemingly decided it encroaches on lawful rights of individuals, but how is this really? This phenomenal racist behavior in governments had been mostly I suspect because of irrepressible panicking; like a murder weapon with traces of ownership ‘law enforcement’ is remiss finding out simply for the better part of fair play. Or law enforcement making fun of the pervasive sayings anything of violence is ‘Islamic terror’, not fair at all.

I would like to hence argue along comparisons of by words of what you say, and what you prove; they are miles apart in meaning but they can be complimentary.

What Muslims need is proof; like how can one compare from proof from what is policy statements, can they sustain to be in same pool? Well, pundits say jump in the pool and you’re wet, not jump and you’re dry. Or policies from pool of dogmatic racism like ‘clustering’ people and call them names, that’s okay, but soonest policy bars people from free movement for no reason, it’s called violation of American jurisprudence.

Or I’d say, I’ll sue your ass rather than be a suicide bomber, cause it’s a pretty downtrodden thing to do, isn’t it? Aminullah Alonto lucman

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