On politics and politicos

By Masiding Noor Yahya

This early, or earlier, politics is being talked about in media platforms.

We see politicians are aligning or re-aligning themselves in preparation for the 2022 national and local elections.

Organizations, old and new, are looking for prospect politicians to promote for whatever good they will have in return, usually money, positions or the like.

Other organizations are yet to be formed for same purpose.

But nothing much has been said these days about “Vote-buying.”

“Vote-buying” is as old as history. As long as there is election, there is vote buying. 

Instrument for vote buying is not necessarily cash, but a lot of things.

It can be material, words, promises etc.

To gain the sympathy of others, you have to offer something that will benefit them, one way of buying their side, to vote for you. 

But “vote-buying” must be interpreted as a relative term. 

It could not be necessarily wrong if it is aimed for noble intention. 

The messengers and prophets of God had to offer something to benefit those who would side with them against the tyrants and oppressors of the time. 

They offered the Promise of God of good life here and in the hereafter if they believe in what they propagate for the sake of God. 

In other words, they bought their followers with Divine promises that, as in Christian dogma, if they follow they will be blessed with eternal life, otherwise they be doomed.

But vote buying nowadays is different and sinful because it means buying the future of the voters.

It seems instead of giving them a bright future, the buyers give them painful doom. 

This early, Muslim voters should inculcate in their hearts what should be best for them for long term in voting for a candidate.


Good writing is not like the wine aging process

It’s true that producing good writing is not easy. But, then again, anything worth your attention is never easy. 

Some say developing a good writing skill is a lot like the aging process of wine: it gets better with time. 

We disagree. With wine, all you have to do is sit and wait — the longer, the better. 

Sitting and waiting will never do anything much for your writing skills, because being a good writer means you have to work at the craftsmanship: repeatedly. 

So, yes, it’s not easy. But if you try, you will get better at it.

May all those who desire to be a good writer become one. (Repost)

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