The Inexplicable Mindanao Wars

By Aminullah Alonto Lucman

Wars can be oft deceiving for a number of reasons; it can be lumped then limp out vanquished, or be irresponsible owners over countless territories conquered or bought, and in the end, wouldn’t know how to handle, like the British empire.

As we can see, Hong Kong is in trouble big time, a former British colony not knowing what to do. At worst, nightmarish for democracy orientated former British subjects. Of course, UK may be hard put grapple with big bully and bulky China, understandable of course.

In all cases as these, the Moro people had the worst. Iberians would have moniker Moro to make out, Spaniards make imprints identify Muslims in Mindanao who warred with them, Moro people. In fact, a byword to pit of Muslims in Morocco who otherwise were their nemesis, their colonizers of almost half of Spanish territory for quite a number of centuries, quite long as a matter of discourse.

Insatiability may have been conundrum like tie wire around necks of most superpower nations, hungry and hungrier after every gulp, Philippines by every known alien greed, is byproduct.

But in naturally tracing roots how greed could have created wars, conflicts, rifts of magnitude among nations, Mindanao in likelihood, is helluva puzzle like maze of snake pits, through crevices of issues counter issues. Measures and countermeasures, such of which her wars a-never-ending-story.

But greed by her elaborate diabolic propensities pervade more the rule than options as appearing like, by which I mean respect for law and order. In the 19th century mantra however, greed spells power and conquest. So that America sensing weaknesses free herself from British rule, such I say ‘the colonial tie wire’, and then Spain was next, devour some of hers.

As down the grapevine, rumour was abuzz the Spanish American war in 1898 ‘triggered’ from a ship’s boiler apparently American owned, alleged sabotaged by a Spanish naval fleet blowing it up. But some would say it was an accident, not deliberate. Mysterious incident as such declared an act of war by America over Spain, was primal justification. Hence, the Spanish American War of 1898.

This was the hullabaloo called the 1898 Treaty of Paris ending in same year 1898, the Spanish American war. Philippines only role was her being a territory of Spain part of the loot now declared American property by virtue of the 1898 Treaty. Plus a hefty US$ 20 million, paid by America to whom?

Perplexities by every steps like resisting against superpower nations Spain, America and Japan, during the last world war, make me even wonder how had we Moro people ending up a subdivision of the Philippines, by what grant of international law does it warrant that we be again ‘colonized’ people after USA, by the Philippines?

Preposterous but true.

But let us be educational and modular with our wars like the pandemic. The Moro people successfully defended against Spain for more than 300 years, it is allowed under international law to self-preserve.

The UN charters cannot disavow on this, and we should call this the 1st module.

And then the 1902-1915 Moro American war, thus ending in a truce caveat being conditional, withdrawal of American troops with commitments American educators allowed access unfettered in all Moro territories to be guaranteed by the Moro rulers unscathed, to introduce American style schooling. Thus, truce shall in the immediacy concludes.

Challenge accepted, but was it really the shunning planting the American flag prompting ending the first siege of Marawi or Marahui, deny American generals their victory not planting the American

It is suspicious nonetheless, but let it be in other storytelling and let us instead designate both America and Japan war with the Moro people the 2nd module, or the 2nd Moro war model.

The third war model would be the Marcos stigma, like provoking war with neighbor Malaysia, violating international law and trashing our own Constitutional laws, the 1935 Philippine Constitution.

Uncovered no less by the Philippine legislature of a Marcos schemed secret annexation of the State of Sabah by military means, this painstakingly, was a violation of international law and was by all creed, rapacity, an act of war.

This all figured in the horrifyingly Marcos ordered massacre of Muslim army trainees in the 1968 Corregidor massacre incident, the Muslim army trainees would have been the vanguard army to sabotage important Sabah military and public infrastructures, prelude to the surreptitious Sabah invasion.

That said, Hishamuddin the Malaysian Foreign minister shocked by counterpart Filipino Foreign Affairs boss Teddyboy calling the State of Sabah Philippines’ own, fidgety irked, the Foreign Minister threatened filing case with the UN for the blabbering.

The Malaysian Foreign Affairs minister could have simply mentioned about the bad secret scheming invade Sabah such of which figured in a Philippine congressional investigations way way back 1968, the infamous Jabidah massacre. Hishamuddin ignored it nonetheless.

In this instance Marcos rankled the Sabah issues his ticket he used to make him the-forever-man-in-power. In addition, he created fratricidal war in Mindanao innocent lives lost, thousands upon thousands dead, not mention hundred thousands refugees in Sabah, children made stateless, haven’t we Moro people not been brave enough face death because we stood pat bravely preserve our Islamic and cultural traditions?

I find Hishammudin really weird. Aminullah Alonto Lucman

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