MinDA Sec. Piñol favored to take over TF Bangon Marawi if Sec. Del Rosario fails to get CA’s nod

Batanes to Tawi-Tawi


This Column would like to zero in on the plight of our Maranao brothers who are still suffering until now though the Marawi Siege is over many years ago.

Hence, I fully support the immediate resignation of Eduardo del Rosario as Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD) secretary and most of all as chairman of the Task Force Bangon Marawi should he fails to get the Confirmation from the Commission on Appointments.

As suggested by Dino Lucman of Marawi City, Del Rosario should resign and must be replaced by someone who works so fast efficiently. Borrowing the words of Dino “one who has the efficiency in getting things done.”

Dino, the son of former Lanao del Sur Gov. Tarhata Lucman was referring to Secretary Manny Piñol who chairs the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDa) based in Davao City. Thus President Rodrigo Duterte should designate Piñol as the chairman of Task Force Bangon Marawi in order to revive the grandeur of the once beautiful Islamic City of Marawi. 

I have work in the past with Manny while working as a member of the FVR Media Bureau when former President Fidel V. Ramos ran for the presidency. My past experience working with Manny Piñol as our Media Team Leader for Mindanao you need to work past and efficient too. 

He is a type of a guy who works by MBO (Management By Objective). If he gave you a deadline of your assignment you should accomplish it on time or as scheduled. Just like a Classroom Teacher he will tell his students “Pass your paper, finish or not finish.” That’s the Manny Piñol type of leadership.

So if he is given the chance to chair the Task Force Bangon Marawi, I am optimistic “tiyak makakabangon ang Marawi” very soon and with no unnecessary delay just like what is happening now under the stewardship of Del Rosario.

I can remember in our Media Team headed by Manny Piñol, we are a group just like the composition of BARMM composed of several tribal groups. In my case a Tausug; Ali G. Macabalang, a Maranao; Blah Bagundang, a Maguindanao and yet Manny Piñol dealt with us fairly just like real brothers. Of course a non-Muslim journalist in our group was Charlie Senase. But Manny treated all of us not just mere friends but as brothers. He himself being from Mindanao particularly from M’lang, North Cotabato can fully understand the sentiments and aspirations of the people of Mindanao.

Hence, putting someone like him as chairman of Task Force Bangon Marawi, I am optimistic he can go along very well with the stakeholders especially the Marawi IDPs (internally displaced persons) who have been clamoring to the administration of Del Rosario to return to their damaged houses especially those who were staying before in the Most Affected Areas (MAAs).

It can be recalled that last Wednesday, Sept 16, the Commission on Appointments suspended its hearing on without approving the Ad-Interim Appointment of Eduardo del Rosario as DHSUD Secretary.

Senator Francisco Tolentino chaired the CA’s Committee on Human Settlements and Urban Development where the fate of Del Rosario is still hanging.
I understand also there are several Congressmen who are members of the House contingent to the CA who still want to grill Del Rosario with several questions especially on the problems now besetting Task Force Bangon Marawi.

If the Marawi’s IDPs’ request to CA will be given due course by the appointment body, then most likely the confirmation of Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario, will be rejected not unless he can explain very well the controversial issues surrounding the too much delay Marawi rehab efforts.

Be that as it may, if Del Rosario will not be confirmed by the Commission on Appointments  can a full-blooded Mindanaoan take over as the replacement? 

Just a like a substitution in basketball when one player has incurred so many fouls he must be substituted so that the game will go on smoothly against the rival team to win the game. Thus if I were the Coach of the Team, I will say Del Rosario Out, Manny Piñol IN. (JIJ)

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