The Sabah Claims issues


Malaysia faced peril of losing Sabah, indeed, and us Moros? Marcos murdered our boys.

The underlying story behind the recurring itch claw on the Sabah claims issue whenever the urge become too overwhelmingly irresistible too itchy to let go, is drown all other issues; Philhealth investigations as much as heavy borrowings in trillions would be issues best kept dead.

So why not divert attention, make it more dead by keeping alive dormant issues like ‘near war’ scenario with neighbor Malaysia?

It worked during which time Marcos while instituting reign of terror harness in full martial law powers, bought off people everywhere, silenced everyone including perhaps the UN, or why would institutions like the UN remain mum despite war crimes, heinous crimes indiscriminately committed as a matter of pursuit and with impunity, with UN herself say not a whimper?

Too much too greater the pain whenever resulting ends redound on us the expendables, innocent victims in Mindanao’s perennial warring.

There is tumult by and large power gripping, or grabbing? Each with gold and silver lining, the game play is how power can wrest be tacitly kept, it is the aim and the game is power no matter who gets hurt.

Sabah by her wit and inherent treasure have to herself people with heads spinning wanting her for her oil, and why not?

Marcos was so sure in 1968  Sabah was almost in the bag. Unknown to many, Marcos had Indonesian generals in his upkeep helping him make diabolic lusting for Sabah, a reality. Malaysia was well aware of the danger she faced, but she had a leader in Tengku Abdulrahman, a brave royal prince.

Then and then, Malaysia had Moros in her ward who by accident was drawn over to the mayhem. A group of Moro youth from Sulu had been recruited previously to be vanguard invasion army make the Marcos greed take Sabah forcibly, a rousing reality satisfy uncalled vanity.

All of which youthful unsuspecting Moro boys perished in the infamous Corregidor massacre incident in 1968. Ordered all of them killed by Marcos, however, two got away, one was Jibin Arula who spilled the bean on the Sabah invasion.

This was our issue, they killed our boys, our gov’t their murderers!

Malaysia faced peril of losing Sabah indeed, and us Moros? Marcos murdered our boys.

This was our twin issues that incinerated Mindanao in wars that has yet to end. Of course, we share same disdain with Malaysia against the Marcos gov’t. Everybody in the world knew, none objected. Nobody in the world insinuate we are in the wrong, or say we are rightly in line with what the UN say is self-preservation, defending self.

There neither was word to stop us or word to encourage us, really weird.

But there now nonetheless are foreign officials of high esteem, Philippines’ foreign secretary Teddyboy Locsin and Hishammuddin Hussein, the foreign affairs minister of Malaysia, exchanging incendiary barbs over Sabah, like he says she says, as though ‘not knowing’ of once times in 1968 of near war scenes Malaysia and the Philippines almost to have engaged in ‘real warring’ over from what they crackle to do ‘again’ with Sabah.

Well, ask for the Sabahan people. They own Sabah. (AAL)

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