Sulu towns declare ‘Abu Sayyaf’ persona non-grata

By Muslimedia.PH

JOLO, Sulu

The municipality of Indanan in the province of Sulu has declared the Local Terrorist Group (LTG) Abu Sayyaf a ‘Persona Non-Grata’ which means unacceptable or unwelcomed person in the locality.

Sulu Gov Sakur Tan. (File photo)

All the 34 barangays of Indanan condemned the LTG and signed a Peace Covenant called “Perjanjian Indanan” with the presence of top provincial officials, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), among others, proclaiming Abu Sayyaf a ‘Persona Non-Grata’.

Earlier, on August 27, Patikul Mayor Kabir Hayudini started the bold move where the people declared the LTG as Persona Non-Grata in his municipality

Sulu provincial Governor Sakur Tan was delighted to finally see everyone unites through the peace covenant.

“Hopefully, through this peace covenant, we will soon see the light here in Sulu,” Tan said.

“We need to gain the people’s support because in unity there is strength. Let us take what President Carter once said: With the people, you can never lose; without the people you can never win,” Gov. Tan said.

“This peace covenant is for us all, for “Lupah Sug”, and for the “Bangsa Sug”. Never did we have this kind of peace covenant signing in the past. Now is the time for us to unite. We, leaders, elders, barangay officials, local government units, the AFP, the PNP, religious leaders, and the people must all unite,” Gov. Tan emphasized.

Joint Task Force (JTF) Sulu Commander Brig. Gen. William Gonzales, who is concurrently the commanding general of the 11th Infantry (Alakdan) Division said, “This gesture of support from the local government unit of Indanan headed by Mayor Jikiri will enhance cooperation between the security sector and the people thereby accelerating our campaign against terrorism in the area.”

“We could attain peace if we will let synergy work out and bring forth significant breakthroughs,” said Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan, Jr., commander of the Western Mindanao Command (WestMinCom)

“I would like to extend my appreciation to our committed partners for your trust and support to the military and other security agencies. Convergence will continue to substantiate our peace efforts and lead to a brighter future for the Suluanons,” Vinluan added. (Muslimedia.PH)

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