Backyard gardening removes stress, addresses food security

By Abdul Hannan Magarang Tago

Covid-19 teaches us many lessons; among others, how to be a self-reliant and productive individual.

The pandemic made Filipinos more realistic contrary to our typical mindset that we seek knowledge for the sake of employment making us rely on others.

Yet, writing too much and dealing with this pandemic making you sick yourself.

Volumes of books could be produced since the appearance of Covid-19 that ended up our country ranked among top 20 in term of the increasing number of its infected population while Lanao Del Sur (LDS) remained the only province in the Philippines being placed under modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) for nearly two months.

I am fed up tackling further on such issue especially in our case here in LDS where controversy and uncertainty in handling the issue are the trends here while people almost lost trust and confidence.

Many personalities both in government and private sectors opted to make use of their nearly a year quarantine time to make themselves busy in planting and gardening out doors and indoors of their residences.

I do myself cultivate my backyard for the first time since I returned to my residence at the Most Affected Areas (MAA) in Marawi City.

To clear and clean my backyard especially empty area of my backdoor was not so easy task. It was vacated for more than three years since the so called Marawi siege in May 2017.

I visited it in the same year after liberating it. I found it under occupancy of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

We were the first residents to return this year. My house and all residential area almost became jungle. Wild grass and trees grow everywhere inside my compound.

Thanks to some friends and relatives who helped me clear and clean it. It is now becoming beautiful garden where I enjoy and exercise myself daily from early morning and take rest only during prayers time.

I spent my 35 years abroad as Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and never had experience in gardening except during elementary school life.

I start planting some typical local vegetables and spices and indeed felt it very interesting while cultivating the soil. I see the hope in every seed and felt what agriculturists say that plants need human being as we do need them.

Planting made me more focused mentally. It really relieves stress. Physically I lost some kilos and regulated my blood sugar as a result of body excessive movements and physical efforts.

This is now the trends that really help to stay healthy and boost immune system. This also answers to the scarcity of food while making us productive.

It has been proven that gardening is effective to fight the pandemic and make gardeners stay home. (AHMT)

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