The Best of Home-Cooked Halal Tausug-Filipino Dishes


WE have featured already all the main Tausug dishes as discussed by a native Tausug Chef who grew up in the Middle East particularly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, although living abroad, he did not forget the native delicacies of his Province of Sulu particularly his hometown of Jolo.

He is Chef Abdulaziz H. Hamsain who has the culinary mastery of the delicacies of Sulu. In the recent issue of Philippine Muslim Today we thoroughly discussed the Tausug Kiylaw, which is the mouth-watering appetizer prepared in Sulu.

And so here in this 17th issue of this Digital Online newspaper, I would like to present to the mothers who regularly cook at home the simple instruction on how to prepare the best Tinuanan or Sawsawan that can add more flavor to the main course like fried fish..

Serves 3-5

-1 green mango chopped (long cut sliced)
-½ cup soy sauce (Ta’yu) (add according to taste)
-½ kilo seaweeds
-2 medium size tomatoes
-1 medium size onion
-Bubuk (refer to bubuk recipe)
-7 pcs calamansi
-Chili chop

Mix all the ingredients together, except for, calamansi and soy sauce, which should be added at the end depending on taste.
** Best served with fried fish or any fried seafood (lunch and dinner).

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