How media plays a vital role in delivering information

By Abdul Hannan Magarang Tago

Constituents and community badly need to be consistently informed about delivery of services.

Major and advanced countries in the world value and know the importance of media in all aspects. That’s why in marketing strategies both big names and small business entities need sustainable propaganda and paying huge amounts to media outlets for their advertising campaigns.

During my 25 years work at the leading newspaper or press house in the Middle East visiting top officials includes press conference or media meetings in their official visit to Saudi Arabia.

In 2015, I had exclusive talks with Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi in Riyadh arranged by his embassy in Saudi Arabia. That was prior to the state visit of the giant China to KSA in 2016.

The author, Abdul Hannan M. Tago, former senior correspondent of Arab News in KSA and now regular columnist of Philippine Muslim Today, interviewed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in 2013 in Riyadh. (Photo supplied)

Before, I had also exclusive at his invitation with the US former Ambassador to Riyadh, James B. Smith following my ambush interview with the United Kingdom Ambassador to Riyadh at International Hither Education Conference attended by hundreds of universities across the globe.

A Russian Arabic-speaking envoy, Oleg Ozerov arranged an exclusive interview with President Putin Adviser on energy in Riyadh during his visit trying to convince the world top oil producer decreasing its oil production to uplift the sinking oil price on that time.

Victor Zubkov, chairman of the board of directors of Gazprom in Russia and Russian president’s special representative for cooperation with Gas Exporting Countries Forum, neing interviewed by Abdul Hannan M. Tago. (Arab News photo)

This week, I had for the first time one-on-one talks with one of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Member and head of its Youth Commission, Dr. Marjanie Mimbantas.

The straightforward and open discussion has disclosed and answered some important questions among others, the delay of salaries.

The official said that black grant or the BARMM expenditure from national government is being downloaded monthly not even every three months which was the norm during ARMM tenure. That affects heavily BARMM operations financially including the salaries, said Mimbantas

The original request according to him is supposedly yearly.

We had seen complain from the affected BARMM staff using social media. There were so many negative comments against the BARMM bureaucracy.

During that interview I was able to understand the situation myself. It was the system or policy of the national government in releasing those amount not BARMM.

This is some examples of the vital role of the media especially independent or private one not under influence.

Media; either press or television do their parts in clearing doubts and providing information that ensures good governance and transparency.

Thanks to 94.1 U FM under Mindanao State University media strategies being implemented by Radio Telecommunication Office to inform and disseminate real information to the public. We will continue guesting and inviting responsible individuals for the benefit of our listeners and followers. (Muslimedia.PH)

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