Duterte to stamp out century-old PH corrupt bureaucracy

By Abdul Hannan
Magarang Tago

With only nearly two years remaining of his administration, President Rodrigo R. Duterte pushes to wipeout all corrupt government officials.

This week, Malacañang has issued order to the Department of Justice Secretary to investigate allegations of corruption in the entire government.

Thanks to Senator Christopher “Bong” Go who pursued relentlessly the century pandemic (corruption) that caused heavily the lives of Filipinos and their dignity, sending millions of us to serve other nations family and households instead of our own and country.

Sadly, corruption has been the trade mark of our country before this administration, as among top most corrupt nations in the world despite of its rich both natural and human resources.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have proven themselves as most effective, hardworking and efficient workforce globally. We build nations’ infrastructures and provide best practices in health and other services.

This presidential platform of the then Mayor Duterte of Davao against corruption in the 2016 campaign was the strongest point that gained the support of the OFWs, including myself.

I was among OFW community leaders who campaigned for this platform supporting the candidacy of Duterte. I have never voted neither campaigned for any PH presidential candidate in my whole life except in the 2016 election.

I consider participation in politics in our country not only wasting of time but also  taking part in their crimes. I look at politicians as gamblers and election is their means for enriching themselves only. They buy votes of the majority who are poor Filipinos and under their mercy and influence because of their wealth.

Ours is the only country whose politicians keep its constituents under poverty for their political gain and control. Instead of developing, they spend the government fund for their own properties advancement and growth.

In his post, Sen. Bong Go has precisely detailed the mechanism how to tackle and trace the prospect involved persons including lifestyle check.

I would suggest that in order to root out the pandemic (corruption) we have to consider the following:

We have to check the influence factor in appointing individuals in key positions. We have seen in the beginning of this administration the strong political influence by big families and fraternities in installing allies.

I have seen that in the first day of the victory party in Davao held on May 16, 2016.

Those who won the election.

How did they win it? How many of them and their party won the election? How long they (family) have been in elective positions?

Check their implementing government projects by their firms. Probably most of them are using dummy names but this could be easily traced.

Reevaluate the appointment of those being in position because of the influence of the sacked top officials involved in corruption. He may still be benefiting from the incumbent officials in the government. (AHMT)

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