Tawi-Tawi Adopts Modern Volleyball System


BONGAO, Tawi-Tawi

The sustainable development and coping-up with the modern games of volleyball in Tawi-Tawi are not without any external and internal factors that mould and shape their dominating presence in Mindanao region.

Two highly seeded Tawi-Tawi facing-off during 2018 Masts Games in Tangub City

There is no doubt that Tawi-Tawi volleyball players and their teams are the best in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Mindanao (BARMM). There were no sports meets or athletic competitions in the region whereby it’s men’s and boy’s teams were placed only second fiddle to any other volleyball  teams in their category. 

The first all-Badjao Tram of Tawi-Tawi participating in an open volleyball tournament in Bongao.

There is a silent consensus among coaches, trainers and referees during competitions that other teams ‘could only vie for the second place or 1st runner-up’ because Tawi-Tawi is there looming high and hard to beat in the Finals! It has already become a ‘foregone conclusion’ that when Tawi-Tawi players are there to compete, others should just be content with the runner-ups trophies and medals.

The sport of volleyball is not all power, physical strength and ability to leap higher than an average individual player. As stated before, all of the above are already ‘incorporated’ and has become part of the natural ‘instinct’ of every Tawi-Tawi youngsters who chose volleyball as part of their daily routine in the islands up to the time they study and enter collegiate level. 

But as modern volleyball progresses, especially in the national level, there ought to be radical adjustments in terms of training, techniques, team cohesion, specialized player’s positioning and the so-called ‘role playing’. Before it was only the setter and spikers who will carry the burden of the game. 

Today, there are now six positions on a volleyball court, and each position serves a unique role in the success of the team. Just like other competitive teams, you need to depend on each player to not only do their job but do their job well. Volleyball is extremely fast-paced and requires serious athletic ability. Depending on one’s skill-set and which aspect of the game one excels in the most, you can determine which of these six positions one will play.

(To be continued on the next issue… Who’s Who Behind the Success of Volleyball in Tawi-Tawi.)

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