POPCOM pushes family planning, responsible parenthood


A great number of Filipinos are exposed to demographic vulnerabilities, which initiatives on population and development are focused to address. (POPCOM Photo)


The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) will highlight the interconnection of population factors and the pandemic during the observance of Population and Development (POPDEV) Week from November 23 to 29.

In a statement furnished Philippine Muslim Today, POPCOM is calling on all government stakeholders and the public to address prevailing issues that affect the integrity of populations and communities.

For one, practicing family planning and responsible parenthood should be part of medium-to-long-term solutions toward building the resiliency of families and communities, as these would enable couples to have greater capacity to ensure their health, financial stability, and other social protections in the future, according to the statement.

”Our resiliency against the pandemic and other related crisis situations starts from our decision to form a family,” POPCOM Usec. Juan Antonio Perez III said

“We need to consider our preparedness and capabilities to provide each member their physical, social, emotional, and other pertinent needs,” Perez added.

”When families are planned well, vulnerabilities diminish; thus, communities can overcome major disasters such as pandemics and natural calamities,” added Perez.

As the central government agency for the country’s population management program, POPCOM also provides technical assistance to local government units (LGUs) and other institutions in addressing other population issues, such as unmanaged internal migration which causes congestion and crowding in megacities.

POPCOM believes initiatives that take into consideration population factors are relevant, particularly during the Covid-19 health crisis and the occurrence of recent natural disasters, as they will help local governments plan and implement their programs, with focus on communities with demographic vulnerabilities.

This year’s POPDEV Week also seeks to raise awareness on the Philippines’ reproductive health situation and other demographic concerns adversely affected by the pandemic.

It likewise aims to increase collaboration among advocates and other stakeholders for family planning, as well as adolescent health and demographic interventions, while strengthening service delivery for their beneficiaries. (PM)

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