Pitis Patani

“The Best of Home-Cooked Halal Tausug-Filipino Dishes“

With Maria Fhebie Ortil

On the 24th Digital Edition of the Philippine Muslim Today with the Inclusive Week November 27- December 3, 2020, still we would like to tackle here one of the best Tausug “kakanin” or in the vernacular in Sulu known as “bang-bang,” particularly the “PITIS PATANI” as featured in the coffee table book  The Best of Halal Home-Cooked Muslim Filipino Dishes written by Tausug Chef Abdulaziz H. Hamsain.

So right now we will teach you how to properly,  prepare and cook the Pitis Patani.

First you have to prepare the Hinti which for a recipe like the Pitis Patani, Hinti serves as a main ingredient where it is stuffed inside the glutinous rice flour.

Then as soon as the Hinti is prepared the next procedure to be done is to have the glutinous rice flour flattened on banana leaf by sealing the cover with toothpick. Afterwards it will be cooked in a steam for around 20 minutes so that the Pitis Patani will be cooked so well.

Finally the Pitis Patani is now ready to be served either for breakfast or merely snacks with a matching brewed coffee or hot tea.

PITIS PATANI is another Tausug delicacy served in most coffee shops in downtown Jolo but it is also being served in several occasions like weddings and birthdays. (Photo by Abdulaziz H. Hamsain)

Serves 2-3

-500 grams grind sticky rice (glutinous rice flour)
-½ tsp food coloring (violet)
-Hinti’ (refer to Hinti’ recipe)
-Banana leaves 

-Prepare medium size rectangular shape banana leaves, set aside. 
-In a bowl, put the glutinous rice, add water and knead. 
-Take a handful of kneaded glutinous rice, flatten on banana leaf then full it with Hinti’. 
-Roll and slightly flatten, seal the cover with toothpick. 
-Steam for 15-20 minutes or more to make sure Pitis Patani’ is cooked well. 

*Best served during merienda or snack time.

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