“United we stand, divided we fall”

“And hold fast all of you together to the Rope of Allah and be not divided…” (Qur’an: 3:103)

Too much strife is happening around the world and thousands are dying everyday because of division. The Ummah is the most affected victim because they are the most disunited people today. Unity must be attained.

The successful victory for the ratification of the BOL 2019 demonstrates how much a people can achieve when the majority if not all are united for a purpose. Despite some dissenting sectors, it is still a manifestation of the strength of a united Bangsamoro.

Such victory was attained because of the dire need for a change, to alleviate the socio-economic and political conditions of the Bangsamoro.

It was said that when public confidence is high because peace and order is assured and governance is void of suspicion, the public have no fear in going out into the streets, relying, without doubt, on their leaders for a good government.

A situation like this can be achieved only by democratic selfless leaders who inspire cooperation rather than instil sense of distrust on everyone.

It is not justified to Insist staying in power if one is not qualified for the job just only because of a fallacious argument invoking his sacrifices in order to capture. He must give in for the interest of the public.

A keen observer would note that in places where throngs of people gather, even pickpockets and petty criminals cannot disturb anyone. Volunteer “watchers” in ordinary attires are all around.

Volunteerism is encouraged when people respond to the call for unity. In his own small way, each one strives to contribute to the attainment of the goal commonly understood and desired.

In a broader scale, a situation like this could also be achieved if there is a true democratic leader who clearly defines, communicates and persuades everyone to cooperate.

In the establishment of the Bangsamoro, people must not be divided by each own personal interest but united for the common goal of self-determination towards advancement.

It is imperative to give our own leaders a chance to show in concrete action of their advocacy for a good or moral governance. Which, to some observers, however, would only be achieved if they will get rid of those liabilities who are already in their ranks.

The Bangsamoro must not also give-in to the dictates on what kind of governance they should implement anchored on not only moral but also legal, and on how they would achieve it, as obviously seen in foreign and domestic organizations involved in the BBL EIC with their huge amount of money.

Too many struggles in history failed because leaders deviate from the common interest to personal aggrandizement due to outside interference.

What happened to Bonifacio, Luna and Aguinaldo must not happen again to the Filipinos, and should also serve as lesson to the Moro leaders. Independence was delayed because the first Filipino President due to his pursuit of personal glory eventually succumbed to the superior strength of the colonizer after the death of those who fought with him and the isolation of their men from the mainstream of the struggle.

Above all, the Bangsamoros can only be victorious if they are united. Only in unity that people can stand. PMT

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