Philippine Muslim Today Now Open for Subscription

The E-newspaper copy (Issuu format ) of Philippine Muslim Today which was officially launched with its Maiden Issue (Vol. 1, No. 1) on 19 June 2020 can still be read Free for the whole month of January.

Once Subscription starts on February 2021 only those Subscribers can have the Access to open and read every page of this Digital Online News.

We have encouraged our friends especially you as our avid readers to enjoy reading this First Muslim Digital Online Weekly Newspaper in the Philippines with so much comfort of our newsworthy News Stories for Free since June 2020 up to January this year.

However, due to some Administrative Costs that we need to settle like the Digital Apps, Wi-Fi, and other CONTINGENCIES, we are constrained to ask for your Support by way of a minimal Subscription Fee in the amount of P50 only monthly.

At least the number of months required for Subscription is good for 6 months and that is P300 in all.

Hence, those who want to subscribe please send your SMS or Text Message to cellphone no. +63 915 218 4388 and your Payment of P300. You will be given OTP (One Time Password) which is non-Transferrable.

Please be reminded only those who have Subscribed and given their Exclusive OTP has the privilege to open the Philippine Muslim Today E-paper copy.

Thank you.

For the Editor-In-Chief

Managing Editor

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