Bangsamoro graduates of Cairo Al-Azhar unite to support gov’t

By Abdul Hannan M. Tago

BARMM Member of Parliament Aleem Zainodin Bato stresses to his fellow alumni at the Al-Azhar University to be proud as BARMM is a product of the Cairo-based University. (AHMT photo)


Top scholars and graduates of Cairo-based universities mainly from Al-Azhar university formed alumni union to support and take part in the government reform program for the benefit of Bangsamoro.tago

The Ranao Region Ulama graduates of Al-Azhar University, conducted their annual assembly on January 16, 2021 at Lake View Resort Marawi, City

In the educational field the group will establish a Philippines branch of the university to be funded by the office of Deputy Minister of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Alim Ali Solaiman Pangalian. The top official was among the guests of honor attended also by MP Mohammad Zainoden Bato.
The interim officials includes the just returned case officer at the Philippines Consulate in Jeddah, Alim Omar Amatonding, as the group president for the period of six months. The new entity is well represented by heads of various municipalities of Lanao Del Sur and Lanao Del Norte. 
In his speech, DCM Pangalian assured the participants that he will build the proposed university. “I will provide the building construction” he said. 
Historical Background:
Al-Azhar University is the alma mater of early Bangsamoro students like Uztadh Hashim Salamat (Chairman, MILF), Gov. Mahid Mutilan (Graduated Governor, Lanao del Sur 1992-2001), Aleem Abdul Aziz Mimbantas (Chairman, Internal Affairs, MILF), Aleem Salic Rascal (Chairman, Lanao del Sur, MILF), Aleem Ansari Mutia (MILF-Central committee member), Sheik Omar Pasigan (MILF-Central committee member), Aleem Mohammad Zainoden Bato (Current BTA member, BARMM), Sheik Khalifah Nando (Current WALI, BARMM), Sheik Abdullah E. Gayak (Current BTA member, BARMM), and other Ulama.
It is at Al-Azhar University where the Bangsamoro quest for self-determination was first hatched. A group of Muslim-Filipino students headed by Uztadh Hashim Salamat united and founded a Jihad movement which ultimately ended as the MILF. Among the original members, only Sheikh Khalifah Nando, Aleem Mohammad Zainoden Bato, and Sheikh Abdullah E. Gayak are alive today. They are all members of  the MILF Central Committee and current members of the Bangsamoro Parliament.
MP Mohammad Zainoden P. Bato updated everybody about the current plans and programs of the BARMM. He also exhorted the alumni to impart what they learned from their alma mater to their respective communities and to continue  supporting the moral governance of the BARMM. They should be proud that the BARMM is the product of Al-Azhar University Bangsamoro student’s hard work.

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