Informal survey on BTA extension shows overwhelming “Yes” votes

A TICKLER by Ali G. Macabalang

Last January 28, I posted on Facebook pages an informal survey entitled “Let’s get public pulse for 7 days on BTA term extension debate. Those in favor, say YES. Those (who are) against, say NO.”

I left the survey running until Tuesday night and checked on responses in different Facebook pages.  The number of people “reached” by the survey accounted for almost 5,000, but comments (with votes) were registered as a total of 2, 287.

From the total responses, “yes” votes reached 2,231. “No” votes accounted for only 37, with the remaining responses indicating neither Yes or No votes.

I chatted with some of the affirmative and negative voters. Some “Yes” voters appeared like benefiting from BARMM services or employment, while others claimed to have not directly benefited but are just “giving chance” for the MILF leaders and allies running BARMM government to provide their worth.

On the hand, the majority of “No” voters appeared like having grudges against or sad experiences with personalities or entities in BARMM, while others viewed BARMM as having failed to deliver most of its mandates for 2 years. AGM  

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