Updated: The largest ever cash prize for Holy Qur’an interpretation contest

By Abdul Hannan
Magarang Tago

Nearly three (3) million pesos  cash prize is awaiting winners of the first ever series of competition on the Holy Qur’an tafseer (interpretation) in Maranao dialect. It is also the largest in term of cash prize.

The contest is open for college and high school students both from Arabic and Western educational institutions based  in Lanao Del Sur.

The contest is slated on March 25 this year. It will run for 5-7 years and 16 million pesos were allocated for the whole contest.

This project has been conceptualized primarily to address the growing lack of knowledge of the new generation on the message of the Creator S.W.T embodied in the Holy Qur’an, said the author and main sponsor of the competition, Dr. Norlain Ador-Sharief 

“We hope that through this contest the Maranaos from all walks of life would become more interested to learn the Holy Qur’an and discover the real essence of our existence in this world” Sharief observed 

Citing the saying of the  Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.  “The best of you is he who learns the Holy Qur’an and teaches it.” Furthermore,  this is in fulfillment of his injunction when he said, “convey my message even if it be one single Ayah.”

The lucky winners in the monthly quiz will be qualified to the grand prize amounting to 100,000 Pesos for the top one, 80,000 for the second, 60,000 for the third and 40,000 for the fourth place while 100 participants will receive 10,000 each as consolation prizes.

First place in the monthly contest will receive cash 20,000, second 15,000 third 10,000 and 5,000 goes to the fourth.

The noble work aims to encourage the Bangsamoro students to work harder on memorizing the Qur’an and on understanding its meaning. 

To increase acquaintance with the Holy Qur’an and learn, to know and benefit from the book of guidance, mercy and healing from Allah SWT. To learn the path of repentance and salvation; learn things connected with and after life whether spiritually or physically; to struggle to achieve noble morality, sounds knowledge and the best wisdom and to have the opportunity to the right path of faith, good power, progress, justice and love. 

Speaking further Sharied said, series of competition on the level of understanding the Holy Qur’an in Maranao dialect; one competition for each 1/3 chapter ” juz” of Holy Qur’an; one final competition for the whole of the Holy Qur’an;

There are consolation prizes for 50 students in each competition and 100 students in the grand final competition;

According to Sharief, questions will be given in Maranao language;

There will be threr (3) categories for the question.  The first category would be easy questions, the second would be the dificult category and the third is the clincher one.

Get a copy of the Holy Qur’an in Maranao translation which is also available on electronic copy.  Audio in Maranao translation can be accessed from our website or facebook page of the organizer. 

Participants should listen to the Arabic and Maranao translation and ponder on the meanings. AHMT

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