The Struggle for Royal Identity in Sulu

Batanes to Tawi-Tawi

With Julmunir I. Jannaral

During the Presidential Campaign in 2016, the then Presidential Candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte was harping on the “Historical Injustice” for the Moros. 

In particular one instant of Historical Injustice for the Moros is the Bud Daho Massacre in 1906 where thousands of Tausugs composed of men, women, and young children were killed mercilessly by the American soldiers.

Thus this resulted on the Infamous Bud Daho Massacre where American soldiers massacred even the helpless women and children that they butchered like wild animals. After the massacre the Americans merely left Bud Daho as if nothing happened. I just came to know from the Tarsila or narratives of older relatives in Panabuan, Indanan that our great great grandfather was among those who fought the Americans even though they were not fully armed but were using only the native weapons like kalis (kris), barong, budjak (spear), and utak (sharpened bolo).

Our great great grandfather is known as Datu Sahid, the cousin of Datu Amirul who was eventually crowned as Sultan Jamalul Kiram II.

According to narratives, Datu Sahid being the cousin is also the most trusted lieutenant of Sultan Jamalul Kiram II.

On the other hand, the Americans were armed to the teeth.

Hence, the First Battle of Bud Daho, also known as the Moro Crater Massacre, was according to the version of the American soldiers was merely a counter insurgency-action fought by the United States Army against Moros in 

March 1906, during the Moro Rebellion in the southwestern Philippines.

Whether the occupants of Bud Daho were hostile to U.S. forces is disputed, as inhabitants of Jolo Island had previously used the crater as a place of refuge during Spanish assaults.

However, even Major Hugh Scott, the District Governor of Sulu Province, where the incident occurred, recounted that those who fled to the crater “declared they had no intention of fighting, – ran up there only in fright, had some crops planted and desired to cultivate them.”

Panabuan Royalty

At this juncture, I would like to inform the descendants of Tuboh Panabuan that this is just a preliminary presentation of Tarsila or narratives. Hence, the descendants are encouraged to present your accurate Tarsila or narratives to the Committee on Genealogy Chaired by Ahiyal Ameer Sappayani and Co-Chaired by Nelson Tapsirul so that we can come out with more or less accurate narratives.

Since the war in Bud Daho was sensed by Datu Sahid as inevitable and in order to save the lives of his offsprings he tried to secure the safety of his children and brought his 2 boys, Putoh 13, and  Hambuyong 12, and a girl named Hammasiya 10, to the care of his sister Addawiya who is married to a Panglima in Panabuan with the advice not to reveal their being children of a Datu as a precaution to the said rumors being spread in the province especially the impending war that may erupt in Bud Daho.

Upon his return to Pigih Daho where he is a resident, the confrontation began with the Tausug forces occupying the top of the mountain on a crater left by volcanic eruption (1640) and American forces on all planks at the mountain side. 

Going back to the 3 children, they’ve never seen their father Datu Sahid and their mother as well as other close relatives in Bud Daho because they were all massacred by the American colonial forces. And till now, few know their royal identity, according to Hadji Ahiyal Ameer Sappayani, who has kept the genealogy or Tarsila leading to the descendants of Datu Sahid.

Hence, since the real, legitimate and true identity  of the three offsprings of Datu Sahid was kept confidential, now it can be told who are their present generations in Panabuan, Indanan as based on narratives or Tarsila.

This is now a matter of “Struggle for Royal Identity” and could be classified as a historical injustice if we will not bare out the real history.

It is not because the present generations just wanted to affix the royalty into their names, but all they want is the truth and nothing but the truth.

First, we will bare who are the present generations that belonged to the offsprings of Datu Putoh. 

With all modesty, we can name some of the present generations. They are the families of Maharajah Jannaral Nassaie, and Akmad Lakibul, and several other descendants  like Julmunir I. Jannaral with his sons Nagreeb-Khan A. Jannaral and Nizzar Khan A. Jannaral. Then another brother is Abdulhan Nassaie Jannaral and his son Ahmad Jhann Shaeid Jannaral.

Julmunir is also related as a second degree cousin to Embrayda Tapsirul, who is the wife of Nelson Tapsirul.

Then Akmad Lakibul is the first cousin of Maharajah Jannaral. The sons of Akmad are Ahmar, Al Hussien, and Darimar Green Lakibul.

Second, from the present generations that belonged to the Datu Hambuyong clan, we have Sappayani and whose son is Hadji Ahiyal Ameer Sappayani. 

The daughters of Ahiyal Ameer’s sister are Patricia Rej Sampang and Wisa Sappayani Sampang.

Third, and the next clan is the clan of Dayang-Dayang Hammasiya. Noteworthy among the descendants are Jillahani, Hadji Tapsirul. Then followed by sons Colonel Julmin Tapsirul and Engr. Nelson Tapsirul.  

Likewise, other present generations belonging to this clan, notably is the former Congresswoman of the 2nd Congressional District of Sulu, Rep. Lady Ann Sahidulla and etc.

The son of Lady Ann is Hadji Whajid Sahidulla, the incumbent mayor of the Municipality of Banguingui

(Tongkil) in Sulu.

Other prominent descendants or Tuboh Panabuan have settled in other places in Sulu. This is in the case of Mayor Hadji Hadar M. Hajiri of Lugus Municipality and his son Vice Mayor Almedzar A. Hajiri.

Then there are also other Tuboh Panabuan or descendants who finally settled in other provinces who have been using the surname of Sali and Tadus that settled in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi.

According to a genealogy, there were two Sisters who were brought to Tawi-Tawi against their will. Palma (Leng) Sali Abdulmonap a much younger descendant revealed that these two Sisters adopted the bird’s names as Niyuli and Bukay.

Niyuli got married to a local boy named Tadus. Another descendant is surnamed Sali. Hence, one of them is Hadji Abdulmajid Sali who is the father of Dr. Ishmael Sali; and the uncle of Leng Sali Abdulmonap.

All the people mentioned herein are all the descendants of those who perished in Bud Daho and all of them descended from Datu Sahid said to be a Cousin and top lieutenant of Sultan Jamalul Kiram II. 

Considering that Datu Sahid is a noble man, can all his descendants acquire a nobility by being a Datu or Dayang-Dayang?

Or do they still have to wage a “Struggle for Royal Identity?”

Since the Bud Daho Massacre occured in 1906 nothing has been heard since then from the American government. Now since Joe Biden is now sitting in the White House can the descendants of the Bud Daho Massacre receive the amelioration or if not even just to say sorry by the US Government to those who were mercilessly massacred in the so called Battle of the Moro Crater.

If USA will remain deaf and mute to the descendants of the massacre, then this is another Case of Historical Injustice.

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