My iPhone 10 bades farewell for being disabled, goodbye too free PMT reading

Batanes to Tawi-Tawi

Julmunir I. Jannaral

As the lyric of the song goes “some good things never last.” This is what happened to my cellular phone  an iPhone 10, which is a state of the art that I bought from Globe more than 2 years ago. It was a good and user friendly working gadget that earned so much for my bread and butter while writing for the mainstream media. But this time it is now CWD or Cellphone With Disability after it stopped working but it says “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes.”

Hence, just the other day my long time romance with my iPhone 10 has ended after it turned into “disabled status” already, or in other words no longer functional. The situation really made me worrisome since I really have to start from the scratch using another electronic gadget that I am not accustomed with. Just imagine even using my not so vintage Lenovo laptop I could hardly make it functional since I was not using it for quite some time. Unlike my iPhone 10 even while I am lying on bed still my media works still continue without any hassle at all.

But aside from my working procedure that has been badly disturbed and was put in disarray my friends and our supporters became unwittingly sacrifices though not deliberately done. That is after hundreds of their names listed in my Facebook Messenger I could hardly memorize it since these were buried so to speak in my disabled iPhone 10. Thus rendering the Free Digital Link of Philippine Muslim Today next to impossible. At this juncture, I would like to inform our friends and supporters who supported us morally or otherwise from the maiden issue until now, “thank you very much and we are hoping for your continued support of 1 year subscription.”

Be that as it may, our Editor-in-Chief has already made an Announcement for Membership in the Philippine Muslim Today where aside from being a Member in Good Standing; a member can be an officer of the Digital Publication upon winning an election and be listed also as Member of our Website, and most of all has an access to open and read Online Weekly every issue of the Digital Edition of our e-paper  in ISSUU Format. This is for a meager amount of 1K that is good for 1 whole year. On top of that they will be issued a One Time Password (OTP) which is non-transferrable.

The Subscriber has to submit his Personal Information containing his email-address and will be given the OTP and has to be confirmed by the subscriber who will give also his first name and last name.

NON-transferrable: The Subscriber cannot transfer his subscription to other person since his email-address and cell phone number should go along to the transferee. In other words, the subscription is deemed transferred only if you will give including the cell phone as a subscriber that is programmed by the Philippine Muslim Today Subscription Department for his Exclusive Use Only..

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