Education ministry turns over P74-M worth classrooms in Tawi-Tawi 

By Julmunir I. Jannaral

Education Minister Mohagher Iqbal led the turnover of 55 classrooms to 24 schools in the Schools Division of Tawi-Tawi on Tuesday, April 6. He also presented significant projects and programs of the ministry for the Bangsamoro learners on the island province. (Contributed Photo)


Bangsamoro Education Minister Mohagher Iqbal spearheaded the official turnover of 55 classrooms to 24 schools in the Schools Division of Tawi-Tawi province on Tuesday, April 6.

Through the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE) School Building Program-Project Management Office (SBP-PMO), a series of turnover rites kicked off this week in the island province for the management of the newly-built school projects amounting to P73,978,858.97.

Subsidized under the 2018 Basic Educational Facilities Fund (BEFF), the school building projects were constructed in compliance with the 12-Point Priority Areas of the MBHTE, which includes the “accessibility of essential school facilities and a safe space for learning and development.”

The school projects being turned over by the ministry comprised of: 1-classroom to Panglima Annao CES, Kubang Mandulan PS, Simandagit ES, Tarawakan PS, Butun ES, Lawm Tabawan, and Bubuan ES; 1-storey, 2-classroom to Aliakbar PS, Karungdong CFES, Nalil ES, Paniongan ES, Panglima Biteng ES, Sallangan ES, Sapa ES, Putat PS, Sollongan ES and Banaran CES; 1-storey, 3-classroom to Kasulutan PS and Luuk Banca ES; 1-storey, 4-classroom to Sama Kasulutan ES, Kamagong PS and Likud Tabawan ES; and 1-storey, 5-classroom to Danglong ES and Lt. Ladja Indanan ES.

Apart from these, another 22 school buildings are already underway and will soon be turned over to Tawi-Tawi Schools Division.

School projects and programs lineup

Additionally, during the Bangsamoro Government’s activity dubbed “Par-sugpatan: Para sa Tawi-Tawi, Para sa Bangsamoro” held on Wednesday, April 7, Iqbal also presented the list of Education Ministry’s major plans and interventions for the Bangsamoro learners in the southernmost island.

“Inspired by the Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim’s principle of Moral Governance, the MBHTE will strengthen its internal and external processing systems to pursue an education system that prioritizes all learners’ holistic development,” said Iqbal.

“Through education, the BARMM government creates the foundation for a productive, peaceful, and just society wherein our students will become future leaders and professionals,” he stressed.

He highlighted some of the projects of the ministry for its four (4) subsectors – Basic Education, Higher Education, Technical Education, and Madaris sector.

Basic Education
• Procurement of 5,000 armchairs, 1,300 teacher’s kits, 2,000 learner’s kits, and 42,000 learner’s materials
• Construction of 46 school buildings (24 have already been turned over which 1-storey, 3-classroom is for the Badjao learners)
• Continuous implementation of the Education Continuity Plan (home-based learning approach)

Higher Education
• Bangsamoro Access to Higher and Modern Education (AHME) Scholarship Program
• Possible conversion of Tawi-Tawi School of Arts and Trade (TTSAT) into a Polytechnic College
• Teacher Development Program “The Partnership with Teacher Education Institutes’ in the Context of Pre-Service Education”
• Private HEI’s inventory and review of the GRs and permits for institutions and degree programs
• Strategies on the Education or Learning Continuity Plan (LCP)
• Mapping of fishery and oceanography research, studies, and technologies

Technical Education
• KApakanan PAra sa KAbuhayan ng NANgangailangan o KAPAKANAN TVET scholarship program
• Tulong Tekbok sa Pag-angat ng Bangsamoro (TTPB) TVET scholarship Program
• Construction of Training Centers in Tawi-Tawi and in the municipalities of Simunul and Panglima Sugala

Madrasah Education
• Conduct of In-Service Training (InSET) for Islamic Studies and Arabic Languages (ISAL) Teachers
• Hiring of competent Asatidz to improve Madrasah education system

Iqbal concluded that the education ministry’s ultimate goal is to establish a transparent, effective, and relevant Bangsamoro education system that will enable the young people to be resilient and thrive in a competitive working environment while demonstrating strong character and good moral values. JIJ

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