Reconciliation of political clans in BARMM praised

By Ali G. Macabalang


The officialdom of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) has lauded the major rival political clans in Lanao del Sur and Sulu for amicably resettling their differences, praising their conciliatory stances as a “positive ingredient” for a swifter voyage of the new regional governance towards greater heights.

BARMM Education Minister Mohagher Iqbal and Local Government Minister Naguib Sinarimbo particularly saluted Lanao del Sur Mamintal “Bombit” Alonto-Adiong Jr. and former regional state prosecutor Salic Dumarpa, on one hand, and the clans of Sulu Governor Sakur Tan and Rep. Munir Arbison for mending their political differences once feared to escalate into bloody feuds.

The regional officials also extolled the intervening groups in the reconciliation of the Adiong-Dumarpa dispute and the Tan-Arbison political gap, saying such mediations should be promoted and replicated in other areas of BARMM.

“These exemplified ideal departure from adversarial politics that usually affect peace and growth in Bangsamoro communities…in favour of Islamic ethical and moral principles,” Minister Iqbal said, referring to the acts of mediation and conciliation.

For Minister Sinarimbo, the internal governances in Lanao del Sur and Sulu would principally benefit from the options of their reining leaders for collective bonding, no longer for selfish-driven reclusion.

“We cannot expect our local elected officials to be fully focused on delivering services in the midst of potential harm from political adversaries,” Sinarimbo said.

Ministers Iqbal and Sinarimbo were interviewed over the phone separately by the Philippine Muslim Today news to get their reactions to the Adiong-Dumarpa and Tan-Arbison reconciliations.

In reconciling with the Adiong camp on March 25 in Marawi City, lawyer Dumarpa represented the Sautol Haq (The Voice Truth) group that challenged the governor in past elections and subsequently filed administrative cases against him before the Ombudsman’s office. The governor in turn filed libel against the group, which reportedly led to issuance of a warrant, it was learned.

Lawyer and former Lanao del Sur Vice Governor Dimapuno “Pangnal” Datu Ramos, a former member of the Sautol Haq reconciled first with the Adiong family, to which he is related by affinity, and eventually helped broker the peace covenant forging, according to Gov. Adiong.

“We share happiness to see that the differences between the two parties have finally been settled (differences) after several years. May this mark the beginning of something good for the people of Lanao, especially seeing their leaders united (for good). Mabuhay kayong lahat!,” Sultan Am,in Manking Salomabao said in a Facebook post.

In Sulu, on the other hand, Gov. Tan and his entourage cruised by boat from Jolo to Luuk in Sulu on March 21 and reconciled with Rep. Arbison, one of former arch political rivals of the sitting governor.

Tan was joined by his son Vice Governor Toto, some mayors and board members in reconciling with Rep. Arbison. AGM

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