On the therapeutic writing in Philippine Muslim Today

Batanes to Tawi-Tawi

Julmunir I. Jannaral

Here we come at 46th Digital Issue of the Philippine Muslim Today (PMT) with a few more issues before the historic 52 issues marking the 1 year in existence of this first Muslim Digital Online Newspaper which according to our Editor- in-Chief this is really a thankless job for our columnists, writers and other Staff Members in this time of Pandemic.

Nevertheless writing for PMT since June 19, 2020 up to date is really a thankless reportorial job. However, aside for the continuance of our advocacy as writers to bring the true facts of the news every Friday morning, we take our weekly writing for this Digital Online Weekly News as a “therapeutic writing” in so far as the onslaught of COVID-19 Pandemic that started throughout the world including the Philippines in March 2020.

I coined the term “therapeutic writing” because since we started under the state of lockdown our journey from one place to another or freedom of movement was restricted too by the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) and all of us were subjected to Health Protocols by the mandatory wearing of face mask and face shield. This is in addition to observing a 1 meter social distancing from one another.

Considering that due to lockdown many of us were forced to stay or work from home, writing for this weekly digital news is therapeutic for us since we have made use of our dull and boring moments in the house into a productive one. Hence, aside from doing away the daily boredom we have produced also this first Muslim weekly digital newspaper that is written by competent columnists, professional Journalists or writers and hardworking staff members who are voluntarily extending their worthy services as if they are receiving the monthly remunerations.

To all our columnists and writers and Staff Members who are still with us be it during high and low tide, we are extending our hats off in admiration and our brotherly and sisterly affection to all of you. To all of you thank so much and our sense of love and gratitude cannot be quantified for all you chose to stay with us and have not abandoned us.

Hence, thank you very much too for your supreme sacrifice to write weekly for Philippine Muslim Today that is a thankless job without receiving any single cent. But this was propelled by your advocacy to help in bringing the true facts and accurate news or information. Thus due to your constant manning the port, the fake news has no chance to invade or intrude into our domain.

With the forgoing, I want to say Shukran to everyone and keep safe too that In Shaa Allah all of us can surpass the Pandemic situation until COVID-19 has banished into oblivion. Just go on writing for Philippine Muslim Today as your form of therapeutic writing!

For your Comments & Suggestions, please send your email to munir1845media@gmail.com

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