Reflection: FASTING, a means to eternal well-being and happiness


A real Muslim has to believe, whatever Islam has prohibited him is for his own sake not to cross it, for it will be disastrous for him sooner or later once committed though it’s always favored and glamorized by the desire. It’s likewise that anything he is obliged to do is for his own benefit albeit it’s always against one’s self to undertake, because humans are by nature don’t follow order. Nevertheless, once the delight of faith (Halawat al-Eym’an) existed firmly in a soul, you can hardy imagine how this would push him to perform any command passionately to please his Creator.

Indeed, those people in the bar partying and drinking as if there’s no tomorrow are but nothing and zero; and can’t be compared to the level of happiness of one pious seeking for the forgiveness of his Creator in the middle of the nights when everyone else is sleeping. There is nothing can match the triumph after refraining from a mistake filled with temporary excitement, yet awaits long-lasting repentance.

As the holy month of Ramadhan is only one-day left, we should take time to reflect upon ourselves if there’s Taqwa or fear of God-driven change it has brought to us, our family, and our community within 29 or 30 days consecutively – there should be, undoubtedly. In other words, there must be a sustainable reform this Ramadhan has shaped us into the better version of us in dealing with our daily lives, including our respective works and responsibilities – to be punctual and trusted whether we are supervised or alone. Just think how we are attentive and cautious with the last minute of Suhur or early breakfast that ends upon  Fajr prayer time.

In fact, our fasting does not only teach us physically about self-discipline but also spiritually that will limit one’s desire. Therefore, the Prophet (PBUH) has warned us that “It’s possible that fasting is rewarded but hunger and thirst.” Why? Didn’t he fast for the sake of Allah? Definitely, he did, but his words and actions didn’t so. Thus, fasting by merely abstaining from food and water doesn’t matter to Allah. “Whoever didn’t stop baseless words and committing it, Allah didn’t need him refraining from his food and water – Alhadeeth.”

To deeply illustrate this, a man depends basically on two things:

First, his spouse; everyone is in need of husband or wife because that simply completes the manhood or the religion. Therefore, our father, Adan was given Eve, so he would not be lonely. 

Second, Food and water; not everyone somehow needs a spouse to live happily ever in life, but certainly none can avoid foods at least twice a day to maintain the energy that is required to survive. And so much for water, for it gives life. Allah has said “And we made from water every living thing.” 21:30. Sure that there is something bigger and more important why every capable Muslim is mandated to fast every Ramadhan – some were already mentioned in holy Qur’an and the noble Hadeeth, and more are yet unknown to us but Allah knows alone.

Dealing with societal issues, we have heard often from someone close to us that he can’t stop doing specific things as he is used to it – it became part of his life. Yet, we see it ourselves as a normal thing or something avoidable by many easily. There comes fasting that cures addiction triggered by a substance or engaged in a behaviour as effectively as Psychology does or even better, because fasting implies 100% devotion to the Almighty One.

Compared to Dopamine that transmits temporary pleasure after a long-time craving when it’s consumed finally is far less when it comes to the contentment that will instill forever commitment while observing the holy month of Ramadhan. The problem in addiction in substance or engaging in a behavior leads into detrimental consequences as this will be part of one’s daily routine and will be too difficult to resist lately – I am quite sure you can name a few of these and those are already living in these psychological problems.

You can try to ponder the following norms to better understand the science of fasting:

You can’t mess up with hungry, for it will put you in trouble. Yet, fasting told you to do the opposite, and if someone initiated it, you are advised to instead reply back saying:  I am fasting! Meaning had it not been for fasting, you are up to any fight when your pride is challenged.

Again, your wife is best described as your farm; you can cultivate it however, whatever, and whenever you like it. But fasting warns you not to do so, or you are asked to physically detach from her while fasting. Meaning there is no single addiction can amount to your loving wife. And therefore this proves that any addiction can be survived and cured if we have followed the science of Fasting. Following so leads to a timeless well-being and happiness life has.

I sincerely pray that our and your good deeds and countless sacrifices in the holy month of Ramadhan are accepted before Allah, the Exalted. May the spirit of this blessed Eid al-Fitr or Feast of the break (after breaking the fast in Ramadhan) reigns over all Muslims worldwide, and its fragrance is sensed in our brothers from different religions.

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