BTA Extension and BARMM Election Postponement: Bangsamoro People’s Welfare Should be A Priority

As the transition period for the Bangsamoro Transition Authority nears its stipulated end, and now that the scheduled BARMM polls draw near, the clamor for extension and postponement from some quarters provides much food for thought as the matter is being mulled over by the powers that be.

For one thing, it is a truth that in its almost three years of existence, the BTA has yet to make a phenomenal impact on the region and on its constituents. Those who point this out refer to the fact that the BARMM did not have very much to begin with, and hence, the shortcomings. However, other quarters, and justifiably so, point out the fact that three years is already a substantial time for major changes to be made and felt from the halls of power to the humble hut in the most remote corner of the region; time it seems, was not wisely spent in this case.

And while the matter is making ripples and waves through various offered opinions, from the powerful few to the common man on the streets, some important and pressing matters, are being increasingly relegated to the back burner. The raging pandemic has also made matters more complicated.

However potentially complex the issue may be, and whatever the outcome of the matter will be, it must be remembered that when people voted a resounding “YES” to the BOL and the BARMM, they did so in good faith that things would be better under the new order compared to its predecessor. They certainly deserve better under these pressing circumstances. At the end of the day the welfare of anyone residing in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao must be the priority, not the meanderings of the few who occupy the corridors of power.

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