1 killed, 15 nabbed in joint law enforcement operations in Lanao Sur



At least 15 persons were apprehended and 1 killed in a combined military operations of the elements of the AFP and the PNP that conducted law enforcement operations in Lanao del Sur on Friday.

WestMinCom Commander, Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan, Jr. in a statement said, “Operating troops conducted three consecutive operations at Sitio Kabaturan, Barangay Miculabo, Picong, Lanao del Sur to serve search warrants against the Armed Lawless Group (ALG) personalities identified as Kareem Usop Abedin, Camar Mauyag, and Emen Parte.”

Vinluan said while troops were approaching the location of the first target at around 10:25in the morning, Friday, the group of Kareem Usop Abedin opened fire thereby resulting in a heavy firefight
 that lasted for 30 minutes. 

The said firefight resulted in the instantaneous death of Kareem Usop Abedin, apprehension of his seven cohorts, wounding of three PNP personalities, and recovery of assorted valuable evidence.

Another operation followed targeting Emen Parte but the target was able to evade the operating troops. Eight personalities believed to be his cohorts were apprehended and assorted valuable pieces of evidence were seized.

The third operation was conducted to neutralize Camar Mauyag but the target managed to escape but valuable pieces of evidence were seized in the area.

According to Joint Task Force Central Commander Maj. Gen. Juvymax Uy, overall, the operations were successfully executed and it is attributable to the strengthened interagency collaboration.

Maj. Gen. Uy identified the apprehended personalities as Ansano Salic Ampuan, a.k.a. Ans; Amrudin Dimaukom Sarid, a.k.a. Macky; Aminudin Saripad Ditukalan, a.k.a. Amin; Samsudin Itao, a.k.a. Mansok; Lbot Sarif Dimaampao, a.k.a. Naim; Liya Sarif Dimaampao, a.k.a. Liya; Jerry Paco Toma, a.k.a. Hadji Imran; Gorbani Bitucalan; Jomar Pagayawan; Samen Abdillah; Alioden Buale; Bokari Dagu; Asrap Dimampa; Jasser Dumaraya Baguan; and Jomar Abdul.

Seized from the 1st target’s possession are the following items: one cal. 56 Colt M16A1 rifle, one Elisco M16A1 rifle, three motorcycles, 23 heat-sealed transparent plastic sachets containing undetermined weight and amount of white crystalline substance believed to be “Shabu”, one improvised all-weather tooter, two lighters, one bamboo seater, one container box containing several pieces of used aluminum foil, and one black belt bag.

On the second target’s haven, troops recovered one fragmented hand grenade, more or less 15 grams of “Shabu”, two cigarette boxes containing 58 heat-sealed transparent plastic sachets, seven lighters, one bamboo sealer, one bundle of transparent plastic sachet, three improvised all-weather tooters, one rolled aluminum foil, one container box containing several used aluminum foil, and one identification card of Emen Parte.

Also seized on the third target’s place are the following items: one Barret rifle,  one black belt bag, five heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet, more or less 15 grams of white crystalline substance believed to be “Shabu”, one improvised all-weather tooter, seven lighters, two rolled aluminum foils, one bundle transparent plastic sachet, one container box containing several pieces of used aluminum foil, two pairs of scissors, and one violet plastic container containing several pieces of aluminum foil.

The apprehended personalities and seized items were placed under the custody of PDEA-BARMM and CIDG-BARMM for filing of appropriate criminal charges and proper disposition. 

“Intensified pursuit and intelligence operations are continuously being conducted to track down the targets who managed to elude the arrest,” said Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr.

“Congratulations to the troops of the Joint Task Force Central, PDEA-BARMM, CIDG-BARMM, and other police units for the successful operations,” he added.

“Indeed, if we will work as one, we will win as one,” the Commander concluded. JULMUNIR I. JANNARAL 

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