Darul Ifta issues Islamic guidance for protection of women, girls


Abuhuraira A. Udasan, Grand Mufti of the Bangsamoro region, formally turned over to the Bangsamoro Women Commission (BWC) represented by Member of Parliament Bainon Karon the Islamic Guidance on the Community Protection of Women and Girls on May 17, 2021 at the Darul Ifta office.

The guidelines stipulate the five primary duties based on the Qur’an phrased as Women PEACE: Protect all women and girls from physical and emotional abuse and harm; Enable women and girls to pursue education from cradle to grave; Always seek the consent of women and girls in marriage; Create favorable opportunities for women and girls to acquire property and source of livelihood; and Establish safe spaces for women and girls to nourish their iman (faith).

Grand Mufti Udasan reminded everyone that “women are highly regarded in Islam and are ideally considered as equals of men” before explaining specific Qur’anic verses to support the PEACE guidelines.

“I enjoin everyone to advocate and help popularize this Peace Guidance. This document will strengthen our resolve to push for policies that will further provide protection for women and girls. It will serve as basis of our legislations, both in the Commission and in the Parliament,” said MP Karon in accepting the guidance.

Islamic Relief Worldwide-SIDA Peacebuilding Project Manager, Jules L. Benitez, said the Islamic guidance “is a breakthrough for BARMM as this can serve as a framework for the development of Gender in Development (GAD) plans at all levels of government from the barangay to the regional level.”

In response, the BWC said that it commits to implement the provision of the Bangsamoro Organic Law that requires five percent (5%) of the budget of each agency to be allocated for gender and development programs.

Islamic Relief Philippines has been working with the Office of the Bangsamoro Women Commission and the Bangsamoro Darul Ifta in implementing the peacebuilding project that recognizes the role of women in peacebuilding in three municipalities of Maguindanao. ISLAMIC RELIEF PHILIPPINES/PIA

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