Justice for Nadia Casar, Justice for the Moro People

In another blow to the precarious relations between the Bangsamoro and the Philippine mainstream, another untoward incident in the form of a grisly slaying of a Moro lady online seller by no less than suspects who happen to be the enforcers  has left the nation’s Muslims shocked and outraged, as well as generating a debate on the safety of the Bangsamoro people, particularly women, outside of Morolandia. But one question sticks out like a sore thumb: will justice be served, or will the incident go down as another statistic in the long list of iniquities done to Muslims in the country?

While it is true that the Muslims in the country have been deemed lucky enough to be allowed opportunities and privileges as citizens of the Philippines, it cannot be denied that even in these times, discrimination and the occasional atrocities from the mainstream still exist and are experienced by Muslims, especially when they are in distant shores far from their homelands in search of livelihood and sustenance, which they could honestly not get had they stayed put in their place of origin. What then, could possibly lessen, if not eliminate these unfortunate events?

Perhaps it is now the collective responsibility of Moro leaders in the BARMM to sincerely move and dedicatedly fight for justice, for the unfortunate victim and her aggrieved relatives,and this would ne a victory for all Muslims in the Philippines experiencing prejudice and injustice all over the country. Should such a move become successful, this would set a valuable precedent that would teach both the Bangsamoro and the Philippine mainstream an important lesson in justice and maintaining good relations with every citizen of the land.

But till then, while the suspects have been apprehended one by one, genuine redress for the harm done given in due course is still a big question. (PMT)

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